Video report 2.5-3 pages bullet point or outline

Please use Microsoft Word to create at least a two-page, single-spaced report (12-point font) that summarizes the video contained in the link posted below below entitled The Trillion Dollar Bet. This video relates to the infamous Long-Term Capital Management hedge fund that imploded in 1998.  Two of the founding members of this investment hedge fund also created/founded the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model (discussed in Chapter 18 of our course textbook). 

Your video summary report should be formatted using either an outline or bullet points.  However, keep in mind that this assignment represents INDIVIDUAL WORK PRODUCT and COMPLETE THOUGHTS must be conveyed in each bullet point.  In essence, YOUR SUMMARY REPORT SHOULD BE 2.5-3 PAGES SINGLE SPACED AND LEAVE NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT YOU VIEWED AND UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNED VIDEO.