Video questions | Reading homework help

You must complete two ethnographic film assignment worth 20 points each.  To do this you must watch two of the following documentary videos and prepare a report that describes the main points and most interesting parts of the film, and answers all of the questions about the video as specified below under “video questions2010” link.

You must watch 2 of the videos here.  there are links to three of the videos below (Fast Runner, Ten Canoes, Dead Birds) , to watch for free online, but the others are easily available online through different sources (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, many others).  I cant provide links to each possible video because they change each semester, and many of you have sources that I cant access.  Use your skills on the internet to find a streaming site and watch two of these.  You need to watch two of them and submit a separate video assignment for each one — submit both Ethnographic Film assignments 1 & 2. Write a short essay with the answers to the video questions embedded into your essay (number them). Save this as an msWord document file or pdf file and then submit below.  Here are the questions you must answer in your essay to get credit for the ethnographic film assignment.