Discussion on describing a poor practice

Assessment; (a)

    1-   Video/PowerPoint Slide presentation discussion on describing a poor practice, and its consequences 

          Assessment type;

Video with (PowerPoint) Slide

Word limit/length; 3 minutes Video Presentation /*** No specific word count and you can be quite flexible – but generally, I recommend the PPT slide/s to be presented in a succinct, informative, and eye-catching way, so, should not be crowded…  Imagine that you are presenting this at a conference or so, to justify to the audiences a poor practice and its consequences*** 


Describing a poor practice in health, social, and community care services, its consequences, and how it impacts the involved partners (e.g., consumers/their carers, healthcare professionals, community, and resources).

Learning Outcomes

This assessment task is aligned with the following unit learning outcome:

  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the main research philosophical perspectives and methodologies including their assumptions and practical applications (this includes designing relevant structured questions and identifying the best evidence for answering those questions)
  • Identify the consequences of poor practice in health, social, and community care settings

Assessment instruction:

  • You are required a short video discussion with (PowerPoint) slides titled “Assignment 1 Presentation on Poor practice and consequences”


Step 1:

Identification of poor practice in health, social, and community care setting – a) describe a poor practice, and involved partners if applicable; b) describe the specific workplace or organisation that the poor practice is taking place in. This can include the type of setting (e.g., health, social, and community care setting), the specific care/service; its location; the specific population/patients it looks after; and the number of beds. You may use examples from your own work/educational experience or examples from the literature. Allow up to 1 minute to detail the issue and who is involved for the audience.

Step 2:

Impact of the poor practice – discuss the impact of poor practice at different levels/among one or more partners such as patients/consumers, professionals, healthcare providers/healthcare organisations. Duration: up to 2 minutes.


Please be advised that your video presentation can be a reflection piece and you can be quite flexible in the way you construct it – for example, discussing poor practice can be based on your reflection of the current or past workplace, any other workplaces, and/or related to local, national, or international levels (e.g., any public news about the poor practice). It can be also from academic literature.

*********Please be advised that your assignment one will be the foundation of your assignments 2 and 3. So, make sure to choose a topic that you feel comfortable with and you can find at least 3 papers for assignment 2 to discuss.