Unit 2 discussions | Accounting homework help

Unit 2 DB: Utilitarianism versus Universalism (BUS340 Business Ethics)

After reviewing the concepts of utilitarianism and universalism in this unit’s reading, discuss which of these principles you think is most often applied in business.  Explain your reasoning by providing examples to support your thought process.  


Unit 2 DB: How sustainable is your household? (ENV110 Exploring Environmental Issues)

Estimate the quantity and  types of waste your household produces weekly and describe some innovations to be more sustainable to reduce the amount of waste produced. 

Unit 2 Discussion: Identity Scripts (COM107 Intro to Communication)

Throughout life, direct definitions, identity scripts, or attachment styles can leave a big impact on self-identity. In this clip from the 2006 film “Little Miss Sunshine,” watch the family dynamics, particularly between Olive, a girl who is on her way to compete in a beauty pageant, and her father. After reading your textbook, identify some direct definitions and identify scripts used in the scene How can these shape the characters’ identities, their self-perceptions and social comparisons to others? 

 Unit 2 DB: What makes the brain “tick”? (PSY101 Fundamentals of Psychology)

For this discussion, answer the following questions:

  • What are three (3) facts you learned about the brain that you didn’t know before?  Please be sure to provide examples.
  • Why do you personally think that learning more about the brain is helpful in studying psychology?  Please be sure to provide examples. 
  • If you could choose any nervous system disorder to study, which disorder would you choose, and why?  Look up three (3) facts about your chosen disorder to share with your classmates.

Be sure to provide the URL link(s) and/or title(s) to any resource used as reference in your post.