Unit 1 project | MEE 5801 – Industrial & Hazardous Waste Management | Columbia Southern University

Over the course of these eight units, we will be developing a course project. We will do a single section of the course project in every unit by completing one section of the course project, and then adding to it with the subsequent work in the following unit. This unit work will be in the form of unit projects. 

In following units (Units II, III, V, VI, and VIII), the Unit Lesson will contain an interactive model that will enable you to effectively select the most appropriate equipment and technology to engineer into your waste management system design for the facility. It is imperative that you read the Unit Lessons within the study guide in each unit, use the interactive model, and consider the current (as well as previous) material from Bahadori’s (2014) textbook in every unit. This project will serve as a comprehensive demonstration of your applied learning of engineering industrial and hazardous waste treatment systems.

Your course project will be to develop a document titled “A Proposal for an Industrial Waste Treatment Facility” and will serve as a simulation of your work as a contract environmental engineer for a small, rural town in the United States. 

The Scenario:

You have contracted with the city named Small Town, USA, to design and engineer a municipal industrial waste pre-treatment facility. The city currently accepts liquid wastes from three significant industrial users (SIU): (a) a petroleum refinery, (b) an animal rendering plant, and (c) a tanker truck washout. In an effort to capture revenue, the city is currently accepting the liquid waste physically hauled by tanker truck from all three SIU members and is subsequently collecting the liquid wastes into a 300,000 gallon storage tank, pending your facility design. 

The city wants to be able to effectively treat and neutralize the liquid waste, landfill or reuse the sludge in an agriculture application, and discharge the neutralized treatment plant effluent water to the existing municipal (residential) wastewater plant for final treatment after successfully meeting the local limits for each analyte.

The current waste profile has been analyzed at a local environmental chemical testing laboratory. This is the lab report at 30ºC:

AnalyteConcentration (mg/L or ppm)Local Limits (mg/L or ppm)BOD42001300COD60002400TSS800160pH5.56.0-9.0TDS5000200TOC1300150Cyanides30.5Phenols15012Cadmium152Chromium (trivalent)50.25Iron80050H2S (hydrogen sulfide)60.5TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons)1600640


  1. Closely read the Required Reading assignment from Bahadori (2014) and the Unit Lesson within the Study Guide.
  2. Use APA style (title page, body with level one headings, and a reference page) for a research paper, and begin drafting a proposal document. You will add to this document in every unit with another level one heading.
  3. Since this is a project that you add to throughout the course, make your Unit I work your first level one heading, titled “Municipal Situation,” and describe the scenario that is presented above. You are required to describe the scenario in at least one page.