Unfair employee discharge homework

Unfair employee discharge homework

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on unfair employee discharge. Unfair Employee Discharge Critically assessing the facts of the case, the son was a representative of his mother, a 49% common stockholder at the company. Generally, employees do not attend annual general meetings. Therefore, the son was present in the meeting not as an employee of the company, but as a representative of the mother, a crucial shareholder. As such, he had the right to raise any concern on areas of management competencies and policies. The purpose of holding annual general meetings is to inform shareholders of a company about the current state of affairs and answer to their concerns about the company.


The management is responsible for taking care of the interest of shareholders and should be in a position to answers questions of shareholders at the annual general meeting. The son made criticism in the position of her mother as a shareholder and not in his position as an employee of the company. He was simply doing what his mother or would have done if she was present in the meeting. Perhaps, he was speaking under the instruction of her ill mother. Of what essence would it be for the son to attend the meeting passively when he had issues of concern? As such, the son’s dismissal was clearly unwarranted victimization by the management that merits reversal because he was acting as a shareholder rather than an employee at the meeting.


Assignment 2

Need help with my writing homework on Content Reading Inventory. Write a 750 word paper answering; They will be told, not every answer is right there on the page, they will have to read between the lines, make an inference, and conclusion, and sometimes they will have to use prior knowledge. Students will be informed that this is not a test but an evaluation of their reading ability, to help the teacher plan appropriate instructions for them.

Both students did well answering the literal question, the 7th grader could have given more detail. The 12th grader was better at inferential than the 7th grader, the 7th grader was not able to use clues well. Their limited vocabulary caused them to do poorly on applied reading. Both students need to develop their context clue skills (inferential), even though these are not everyday words and a little obsolete, students could have done better if their context clue skills were developed.

Discovering students reading disabilities in middle and high schools is an awesome task for teachers. Therefore, teachers in the elementary grades need to pay more attention to their students’ reading ability. and as soon as possible, apply reading in the content area. Steve Peha writes about reading in the content area:

What begins as a relatively small problem in elementary school looms larger and larger as kids move on to middle and high school. The difficulty of the reading increases as does the volume. And so do the tasks we ask kids to perform based on what they have read. In 11th or 12th grade, the school gets very, very hard for students who dont read well in content area subjects. It is hard, too, for the teachers who try to teach.