Case review of a client (Lisa)

Please see attachment for addtional information.

This assignment provides an opportunity for students to complete a thorough case review of a client (Lisa). Students will assess Lisa’s case through a case study that provides several vignette’s regarding Lisa’s experience child welfare and substance usage. This case study illustrates the journey made by Lisa, a parent involved in the child welfare and addiction treatment systems. Students will follow Lisa through treatment program interviews and subsequent treatment, having to meet deadlines, and her recovery process with typical challenges and a relapse.

Lisa’s story illustrates clinical issues, observations and decisions made by child welfare and addiction professionals, confidentiality processes and procedures, and decision points related to her children and competing requirements.

After reading Lisa’s Case Study (attached), please adhere to the following guidelines:

For this assignment, students will be expected to answer a series of questions that correspond to each stage of Lisa’s progress through the substance abuse child welfare system. These questions can be found at the bottom of every page of the case study.

Please be sure that your answer for each section is supported with peer-reviewed resources or course literature. Also, please remember to integrate course material throughout your answers.

There must be a theoretical support section in which students must compare and contrast TWO theories and provide a through explanation and rationale for why one of the theories works best to support their work with the client. Please remember that you should specify the concepts and propositions from each theory that support, explain, and assist in your work with the client. Theories include: Respondent Learning theory, Operant Learning theory, Cognitive-Behavioral theory, Attachment theory, Psychosocial theory, Person-Centered theory, Genetic theory, Ecosystems theory, Small Group theory, Family Systems theory, Organizational theory, Racial Identity Theory, Ego Psychology, Trauma Informed Theories.

Please remember to integrate at least SIX peer-reviewed resources (outside of course material) to support your answers. Relevant course readings: Whitelaw-Downs, S. Moore, E. & McFadden, E (2009). Child Welfare Services and Family Services: Policies and Practice (8th ed) Boston, MA, Allyn and Bacon.; Sue, D. W., Rasheed, M. N., & Rasheed, J. M. (2015). Multicultural social work practice: A competency-based approach to diversity and social justice. John Wiley & Sons.; and Boyd-Webb, N. (2011) Social Work Practice with Children. Guilford Press, NY.