the salary system and weaknesses in it

I need some assistance with these assignment. the salary system and weaknesses in it Thank you in advance for the help! The bank also needs to provide the record of the employee who was not given heavy packets of checks for processing to prove that white employee was attending the training program and the training period of that white employee was yet to finish.

If I were the EEOC District Director, I would take a decision in support of Ruth Wittman. My explanation for such a decision would be based on the issues highlighted by Ruth, indicating the practice of racial discrimination by the manager. Ruth gave three arguments, wherein she has stated color as the cause of giving Ruth a rough and biased treatment by the bank. The concerned bank did not present the specific records before the EEOC District Director to prove its argument. instead, the bank preferred to give reference to the policy and procedure and ignored the need to present some hard evidence against the blame of Ruth. Still, George can manage things from his end. He should relegate all job functions to the next tier of functionaries involved in planning, organizing, and handling the transportation department. Only major functionaries should be assigned larger responsibilities. There should be a distribution of job roles to avoid overload to any staffer. Moreover, to create a feeling of discipline among the employees, George should hold regular meetings with all the employees to establish unity of purpose for the tension-free and coordinated working of the department.&nbsp.