the role of worship within evangelism

I need some assistance with these assignment. the role of worship within evangelism Thank you in advance for the help! This is particularly important today in the backdrop of a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse world.

It is useful to ask the question, “What is worship and where does it begin?” There are people who might be tempted to say that it is when the church service begins when the minister says the first official words of service. But in a most important sense, worship begins with the gathering of a group of people who have the worship of God as their aim and their intention. This is why in many contemporary orders of worship the first main section of the service is called “the gathering.” The gathering includes a number of elements that are designed to steer the attention of all the participants on the occasion at hand and to help them to declare why they have gathered at a particular time and at a particular place.

The Psalms of the Old Testament underscore the goal of worship in many passages. “Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name” (Psalm xcvi, 4) “Exalt the Lord our God, and worship at His Holy hill.” (Psalm xcix, 9) As Ralph Martin (1974) put it: It is the excellent worthiness of God, therefore, which makes our worship possible. and when we offer Him our devotion, praise, and prayer, this is to be thought which is uppermost in our minds: He alone is worshipful. We ascribe to Him all that is in keeping with His nature and revealed in person. (p. 10)

Tim Yates’ (1994) discourse on worship revolved around this theme as he made reference to an Islamic religion book, The Call of the Minaret – that exhorted a religious tradition emphasizing the unity of God and the call to worship Him:

There was a need… in words used by the guards in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, to “sit-down awhile and let us once again assail your ears which are so fortified against our story. Only in such posture will the Christian, aided by the Holy Spirit, be enabled to make authentically Christian response to Islam or the Muslim set aside false versions inherited from the past. (p.