1. Social philosophy and ethics

Instructions: SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY and


— The Elite (VIPs) vs. The



Who should a society support and champion

The Elite: the champions, the famous, the rich, the

powerful, the people who get things done, who

runs and change society (for better or worse).. In

other words: the fittest (the 1%);


The Masses: the common folks, the multitude, the

profusion, the crowds, including the 51% of

people in America on some sort of social relief.

This questions colors and valuates much of

the decisions we make as a society; it is past time

to identify where we as individuals stand.

This question is the root of:

Republicans vs. Democrats

Bourgeoisie vs. Proletariat

Capitalist vs Socialist

Haves vs. Have-


“To be is to do”,


“To do is to be”

‘-Jean-Paul Sartre.

“Do be do be do”.

‘_Frank Sinatra.

(Had to put that in here)

Anyhow, here is the topic you will argue:

Inquiry: Should survival of the fittest be the law

of the land?

Or should a

society support the weak?


1,000-2,500 words



Cites and works cited

Researched and supported arguments