The Deep Web

The Deep Web

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Deep Web. Traditional search engines cannot access the pages on the deep web. The pages on the deep web work just like any other website. They have blogs, social media sites, and every other possible usage like buying and selling services and products like our usual world wide web. But, it is the content and the services that are a big issue for the security of the community and the protection of the people (He, Patel, & Zhang, 2007).

The appeal of the deep web lies in the fact of anonymity. This factor makes the deep web a particular service used by the majority of criminals for illegal activities. The deep web has become a breeding ground for criminals as it provides opportunities to hide and proceed with unlawful activities. Silk Road has used Tor Technology to hide their location but, at the same time, be available for the users. The dark web has become an area of concern by the law and order enforcement (Jaeger, 2014).

Deep Web has been an essential tool for government policies and procedures. In 2003 the U.S. naval research laboratory launched their intelligence-based tools for penetrating the web and named it as deep web or dark web. They also created the onion router project as an into intelligence-gathering. This is also known as Tor. Onion routing is known as a tool for removing layers of encrypted internet communication between different I.P.s. This is comparable to peeling the layers of an onion. The users of this system are known as Tor, who is kept hidden, and their identities are also masked with the help of this software (Chanler, 2014).

There is other software similar to Tor that offers an anonymous connection to the Deep web. This deep web software provides an independent platform for the security of the data. It is full of information data that belongs to NASA, JSTOR, U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and patent and Trademark Offices. Thus, despite the bad reputation, many users who are law-abiding citizens have also used the Deep web and have legitimate reasons to use Tor (Madhavan, Ko, & Ganapathy, 2008). The most common sense is that Tor helps remove these monitoring tools, which are used for traffic analysis by commercial sites. These commercial sites need information about the user’s location and, in some cases, other personal details like the security codes and the passwords (Paganini, 2012).

Assignment 2

For this week’s forum, we are exploring websites that check information for bias, misinformation, and possible fake news misinformation. Go to the following websites and review the methodology they use to test information for accuracy.

Our Process at
Methodology at
Transparency at
After you have looked over these websites and reviewed the methodology of each website, please answer the following in 250 words or more:

Which website do you find has the best way to review information for accuracy?
Do any of these websites have any gaps in their methodology?
Why is it important for everyone to be able to evaluate information?