Business & Finance homework help


Business & Finance homework help

Entrepreneurial Finance, by Smith and Smith, Stanford University Press, 2019.

In addition, this link takes you to a set of student resources from the textbook’s authors

Look at Section 5.6. Explain how strategic planning for a new venture may differ from strategic planning for an established venture.

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Look at Section 5.7.

a) Explain what is meant by a “real option?”

b) What is meant by the term “real option premium?”

Discover a venture capital/private equity/startup story or experience via the book, the books reference list, or You may also peruse and search Langsdale resources, or general publications and websites to which you have access.

Describe the company’s vision, its funding, its ups and downs and any details that show me that you are beginning to explore the world of entrpreneurial finance.

Write at least 500 words, and please write carefully and cogently.

Assignment 2

In this assignment students will take a qualitative interview transcript and read through looking for “themes”. Qualitative data analysis is a process. To analyze qualitative data, often, the researcher makes several passes through the data, meaning reading through multiple times. For this assignment you are only given one transcript. If we were analyzing data in a real project, there would be more than one interview.

For this assignment, you will be practicing qualitative data analysis using an actual interview transcript. This is an interview from a real interview participant who was willing to share her story with us. PLEASE be respectful and treat this interview transcript with the utmost respect and care. The participant has understands and consented to allow the interview to be used for the purposes of this class and learning about qualitative research.

Please download the Qualitative Fertility Interview Transcript which is attached. The document is a Word document. PLEASE SAVE A COPY OF THIS TRANSCRIPT AND ADD YOUR LAST NAME AS PART OF THE FILE NAME. This will help me when I download your submission to know that the file is yours. When you have the file downloaded on your computer (or a computer that has Word you are using), read through the transcript one time, all the way through. Then, go back through and use the highlight features (see Qualitative Fertility Interview Video tutorial for additional information) to pull out “themes” from the transcript.

What stands out to you? What are patterns that you see? What might be of interest if we were analyzing data from several participants? As you go through this, remember that there is no right or wrong with qualitative data analysis. You bring with you your experience and your perspective and that has an impact on the themes you pull out.

Your final assignment that you submit to Dropbox will include the transcript with your highlights. You will also submit, either in the same file at the bottom (or top) a list of your themes and the colors that are represented by them as well as one to two (1-2) paragraphs describing the themes you selected from this transcript. This written narrative should describe for your reader, information that would help them understand what the interview relates to and the important pieces you chose to highlight as themes. This written narrative can also be on typed directly on the transcript document or can be on a separate document submitted to the Dropbox.

Online marketing to target potential customers

Introduction: Online marketing to target potential customers

You are an e-commerce consultant and have been contacted by the owner of a large local jewellery store named ‘Luxury Jewellery’, which is based on the high street in a large city in your region.

The store has been established for many years and has earned a well-deserved reputation for selling a range of high quality jewellery items, all made out of gold or silver. These include:

• Rings

• Necklaces • Bracelets • Earrings

A major part of the store’s success is the level of customer service it offers; all members of staff are experts in particular fields of jewellery and are able to offer knowledgeable guidance to customers. This is together with high levels of after-sales and repair services.

The owner of the store has built up considerable knowledge of the luxury jewellery market together with a wide range of supplier contacts and is now keen to exploit this further by launching an e-commerce site that will offer a similar range of items to the store (although she proposes that the store will continue to operate in its current form).

She believes that the introduction of the e-commerce service will enable her to reach wider geographical markets for her jewellery products, whilst also adding value to her company’s overall brand and image. She proposes to call the e-commerce service ‘Luxury Jewellery Online’ (LJO).

As part of her plans for the launch of the new e-commerce service, she has asked you to provide her with detailed information on the following issues:

  • A summary of the potential opportunities associated with launching the new e-commerce service. She is particularly keen to ensure it is accessible for users of smartphones and tablets as she believes that her potential customers will be regular users of such devices.
  • How a range of innovative online marketing solutions could be used to target potential customers in new territories.
  • How to ensure that the new e-commerce service can offer a comparable level of customer service, support and guidance as that which is already provided in her high street store.
  • In addition to the above, she believes there is a significant opportunity to launch an online auction as part of the e-commerce service, since experience with many of her existing customers indicates there is a significant demand to both buy and sell second hand quality jewellery items.
  • Prior to moving forward with the development and launch of the e-commerce service, she is also keen to establish what the major objectives of the new site should be, particularly in terms of return on investment and the value it can potentially add to her overall business.

Finally, she is aware of the potential cyber security threats posed to online businesses and so wishes to ensure that good security practices are followed as part of the ongoing operation of the site. She has therefore asked you to put together a short presentation to outline a range of key security-related issues.

Task 1

Make report of that focuses on the business opportunities that the proposed e-commerce service could provide. Your report should:

  • Indicate how the LJO e-commerce service could help to increase overall sales and revenue by attracting new customers from a wide geographic region.
  • Consider the potential benefits of ensuring that the new e-commerce site can be used effectively by users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Identify and briefly describe FIVE (5) key factors to consider when optimising an e- commerce site for mobile usage (you should use the Internet for research purposes to assist in identifying these factors).
  • Task 2
  • Produce a report that focuses on the marketing channels that could be used by LJO to promote the new e-commerce service. Your report should:
  • Describe the potential role of email in the online marketing activities.
  • Consider the role of social media in the online marketing activities.
  • Identify and describe one other potential marketing channel that could be used,
  • giving the reasons for your choice.
  • In addition, the report should explain how the brand of the existing ‘Luxury Jewellery’ high street store could, potentially, add value to the overall brand and image of the new LJO e-commerce site.
  • Your report should also identify TWO (2) potential problems if the marketing campaigns for the online (LJO) and offline (Luxury Jewellery) retail activities are not closely coordinated.
  • Task 3
  • Compile a report that considers the levels of service that will be provided to LJO customers, ensuring that such levels maintain the excellent reputation for customer service that the ‘Luxury Jewellery’ high street store has developed over the past few years. Your report should:
  • Briefly describe THREE (3) ways in which high levels of support and service could be provided to online customers.
  • Explain the importance of maintaining sufficiently high levels of stock to meet customer demand.
  • Outline how effective links with suppliers of jewellery items can help to streamline the ordering and delivery processes and ensure that inventory levels are neither under- or over-stocked.

Task 4

Using the internet for research purposes, make a briefing document report that explains the importance of the following features when selecting appropriate online auction software for the LJO e-commerce site:

  • User management
  • User search tools
  • Customised branding and layout
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Task 5
  • Put together a report that focuses upon what you believe are the THREE (3) key objectives of the LJO e-commerce site, together with your reasons for selecting these specific objectives.
  • In addition, you should specify how the success of these objectives will be measured as part of a post-implementation audit.

Impact of Political Wrangling in the Implementation

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Impact of Political Wrangling in the Implementation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. There is the problem of profitability, who is losing money and why, protection of interests, the need for power, empire building, dislike of someone offering an alternative argument. To some, the actual item being discussed barely matters as the political attitudes are very deeply entrenched in the psyche of individuals such that they will always argue. as a knee jerk reaction. Dyche (2000).

Politics is always divisive and difficult for senior managers who may in fact be players in such situations or even encourage others to fall out (divide and conquer). There are always going to be some politics in any organization, simply because there are always conflicting needs. E.G. HR holds all the employment records but does not know about staff salaries and they would very much like to. But the salaries are held by finance who will allow nobody outside their department to have such data as they have held it forever and the manager says that security is the problem. So the managers of both departments have a problem with the other. Such a situation is clearly understood and accepted, until something appears that could shift the power, such as a new IT system, and both managers feel the attack in different ways. HR will feel they can now ask for the finance department databases to be in the warehouse, meanwhile, finance is going to block such a movement any way they can. Including scuppering or delaying the new system altogether as they are in charge of the budgets, and this is a simple example. Hansen (2008).

An area that will need to be investigated is that of existing processes, often there are well-known routes through the company system to find out any data that can be allowed to be disseminated allowing for privacy and security issues. It is important in this area to be aware of stepping on managers’ toes. They will not welcome changes unless there is a net gain to their department and work. If managers are happy with their present systems it can be very difficult to get them to change to something new.


Do Women Have Different Ethical Standards

Do Women Have Different Ethical Standards? Need help with my writing homework on Whether Women Have Different Ethical Standards When Compared to Men. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The paper looks at the feminist philosophical view in the determination of some discriminative concepts.

According to Hutchings (2007), feminism is an ethical tradition that examines some of the gender relations of power, which are tied to societal moral codes. The moral codes exist in the feminist global ethic, which occurs through the division of feminist thoughts into normative traditions that include care feminism, enlightenment feminism, and post-colonial feminism. Despite the categorizations, it is possible to determine that feminists might differ in their understanding and interpretations of the manner in which women are oppressed in society. However, the foundation of their arguments is based on women’s experience (Hutchings, 2007). For this reason, most feminists might argue that historically, not so many people consider a woman’s point of view. This means that men from the different communities, philosophies, religions, moral theory constructs and sciences for fellow men, as well as for the fulfillment of the male interests.

In order to evaluate the nature of sexist ethics, the basic requirement would be to develop an understanding of the same. The basic understanding of sexist ethics is that it is a moral theory that exhibits fundamental biases towards the interests of a single-gender. Most of the feminists believe that it is possible to consider the major moral theories as sexist since they exhibit biases towards the point of view of the male gender and their development seeks to fulfill male interests. However, an individual might argue that utilitarian and deontological theories are not sexist in nature, given their positions on the moral obligations of human beings.

Utilitarianism, which is&nbsp.also known as the principle of utility, is a moral examination of the righteousness of some of the human actions, which are based on the amount of pleasure or pain that they produce.&nbsp.It is a “consequentialist” ethical theory that judges the righteousness or wrongful actions by the results that the action might produce.

The monetary system, Finance homework

The monetary system, Finance homework

The monetary system in any economy facilitates trade and allows people to trade more efficiently, as compared to a barter economy. In the United States, the monetary authority is the Federal Reserve System (also referred to as the Federal Reserve, or informally, as the “Fed”.)

 For this assignment, use the information presented in the textbook and the Fed’s website ( when addressing the questions below.

  • What are the requirements for something to be considered money? Why does the dollar have value?
  • What does the money supply consist of and what are the respective amounts in the total money supply for the United States?
  • What are the primary functions of the Fed? What role does the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) play in our economy?
  • What role do the financial institutions (commercial banks and other institutions) play in our financial system?
  • What is meant by the term “fractional-reserve banking” in our system? What are the implications for consumers?
  • What are the tools available to the FED for controlling the money supply? Which are used most often? Which are most effective?
  • How does the money multiplier help to determine the effects of monetary policy?
  • What are the pros and cons of using monetary policy, as opposed to the use of fiscal policy, for implementing economic policies and practices?


  • Prepare a 5-6 page Microsoft Word document that addresses the above-noted concerns and meets APA standards.
  • Include a summary section in your report that contains 5-7 bullet points identifying your major findings or conclusions of your paper. 
  • Submit the summary section as your initial post in the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Include the full report as an attachment to your posting.
  • Continue your discussions until the end of the week by commenting on at least two other submissions by your peers, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each post.
  • All submissions must be original and all resources must be properly acknowledged.


Assignment 2

Need help with my writing homework on Representation of Different Figures in Art and Science. Write a 3500 word paper answering; Gallen-Kallela studied art at the Finnish Art Society (1881-1904), studied privately as well as at the Academie Julian in Paris (1884) where he became a friend of the Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt while experiencing the Norwegian influence of Adam Dornberger and Swedish writer August Strindberg.

His political affinity with Finland was echoed in his illustrations of the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. His paintings made it possible for him to develop his own political and national style and he painted with the purpose to acquire the respect and understanding of the Finnish nation. In1890, on his honeymoon to East Karelia, he started to collect material for his Kalevala painting period. The Aino Triptych, a landscape, is a product of his Kalevala age.

Gallen-Kallela’s works are at present (2012) exposed at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Other prestigious Finnish institutions also manifest his brilliant career pieces. Private collections constitute his manifestos of art which are too often reduced to the expression of national liberty. Gallen’s works are associated with the painting styles influenced by Romantic Nationalism, Realism, and Symbolism.

Romantic Nationalism in Europe was strongly inspired by Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), a philosopher representing the Romanticism of French expression. Rousseau worked to find a way to inspire people to preserve freedom in the world. His teachings taught us to appreciate the wonders of nature and the expression of feelings through communication. His studies on the origins of equality and self-preservation inspired the evolution of humanity, the condemnation of oppression, and the promotion of natural, moral, and civil freedom and authority.

Johan Gottlieb Herder (1784) maintained that Geography formed the natural economy of people and that their customs and society would develop along the lines that the basic environment favored. From its beginnings in the late 18th Century, Romantic Nationalism relied upon the existence of a historical ethnic culture that meets the romantic ideal and folklore as a national romantic concept.

Term Paper on Quality Safety Management

Term Paper on Quality Safety Management

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Quality Safety Management. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. However, prior to venture into this quest, a reflection of the activities that comprise a construction-engineering venture is essential for the provision of insight into the study matter. Construction engineering entertains a fleet of events, including the assembly of materials from the sources or suppliers to the field of construction. This is a rather demanding activity since it involves the development of a safety store in the construction area prior to the establishment of the real facility described under the project. The assessments of the possible risks that may be associated with this development include the loss of the facilities/ equipment utilized in construction. Such loss is realized under incidents such as theft and natural calamities. an eventuality that may cause severe dents to the execution of the proposed project (S.C.P.C.U. (2000).

Subsequently, construction engineering involves the development of the designs that are to see the realization of substantial buildings with regard to their durability. All these elements amount to platforms that may eventuate to the serious occurrence of significant risks during or before the contract period. This assertion calls for the development of ultimate measures towards their address. Subsequently, the involvement of a spree of diversified experts in the acquisition of the mentioned tasks, for example, the raw materials, implies that the process of construction is a mammoth task by own self.

The details of the contract make a sincere effort towards the address of the possible risk that may eventuate from the execution of the project, including accidents to the deployed employees. However, the provided cover cannot be described as sufficient for the whole construction project in terms of the expenses that may be accrued from the occurrence of the anticipated risks. This observation prompts the evaluation of the possible risks that may be associated with construction in terms of the expenses they may annex to the whole exercise.

Assignment 2

Need an research paper on african american women in today’s society. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. The life of an African-American woman in the American society has always been a constant struggle. Other members of the society, driven by their racial inclination and sex have liked down on women of color. The retrogressive mindset has made it difficult for African American women to stake their claims in the society while seeking employment and creating an upright identity.

I was raised by my grandmother who has to face increased social alienation of black women at the time. The social perception was that black women were to remain home, raise children and do the housework. Taking care of their families was their main work as opposed to seeking high-quality education, and connection to acquire good jobs. Pursuing a career was a man thing and for that matter, white men were the ones supposed to get the top careers.Patricia Hill Collins, the former president of American Sociological Association asserts that she went through harassment as an African American women climbing up the ladders of the corporate world. Her daily tribulations entailed being constantly reminded that being an African American woman working her way to a career did not fit her and she was not made for it(“American Sociological Association: Patricia Hill Collins,” n.d.). It was meant to keep her quite discourage her. Like Collins, My grandmother had encountered the social disapproval of African American women doing anything other than family and housework. She would not get amused when I told her that I wanted to become a reputable lawyer.

Assignment 3

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Find two articles that are influential in the field of Organizational Development. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT Burnes, B., & Cooke, B. . Review Article: The past, present and future of organizationdevelopment: Taking the long view. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 1395-1429.

Organization development involves the deliberate plan to increase the organization’s relevance and viability. It involves the readiness to meet change. The market and the economy are changing first creating the need for organizational restructuring and development. According to Burnes and Cooke, organization development involves minimal to massive changes, which can be effected in order for organization to shape in to the new development. To fit in to the new changes, resulting from market evaluation and political changes, organizations must do away with a certain aspect of management to ensure reduction of overhead costs. In brief, organization development remains the dominant approach to organizational change. Organization development involves changing of the operations of the company to ensure suitability. The past, present and future trends indicate that organizational development still remains the key factor in the enactment of organizational change. Burnes and Cooke argue that the future of organization development is bright owing to the success witnessed in the process.

The article is valuable in the evaluation of success and failures of organization development. Since its inception, organization development has been used to change operations within organizations with selected success being achieved. The article evaluates the past [present and future of organization development. Several issues are highlighted which are vital. Change is inevitable in any organization due to changes in the market economy and production. To understand the problem Burnes and Cooke addresses the past, present and future of organization development in the article thus developing a better understanding of organization development.

Cacioppe, R. (2000). Creating spirit at work: re-visioning organization development and leadership – Part II. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 110-119.

According to Ron Cacioppe, organization development requires the support of the leadership structure to be successful. Organizational change is viewed by employees as a process of laying off workers leading to resistance when organization development is mentioned. The situation can be different if leadership and management encourage employees to participate in the change. The participation cannot be achieved without creativity and team building. Cacioppe addresses issues of leadership in organization development. Leadership development is vital during organizational restructuring. Modern management practices such as vision statement and balance score cards can be realigned to integrate the new operational models. The role of leadership is to develop a spirit at individual and team level to ensure success in the change process. Leaders are expected to motivate and inspire change in the process through several approaches. The major problem of organizational change is the minimal participation of the leaders leading to seclusion.

The article by Ron Cacioppe addresses issues that have traditionally been assumed by management on the basis that they cooperate. From the trends established, it is clear that the leadership has an integral role in implementing change within the organization. Many leaders assume that change can be effected without their participation, but the article proves otherwise by clearly stating the need for management participation in the whole process. Participation of the leaders facilitates the development of team work and encourages the spirit of cooperation and teamwork within the organization. Leaders act as agents of change but also act as agents of motivation, therefore. their participation is a must.


The two articles handle issues of organization development by focusing on the diverse issues in organizational change. Burnes and Cooke highlight the historical changes and expected improvement, of the organization development. The focus of the article is to create understanding of the existing trends in organization development. Cacioppe handles the role of leaders in the implementation of organizational change while encouraging the development of motivation and team spirit. Leaders have a role to play in the change process, but their role was initially overlooked. The two articles handle issues of utmost importance in organization development.


Burnes, B., & Cooke, B. (2012). Review Article: The past, present and future of organization development: Taking the long view. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 1395-1429.

Cacioppe, R. (2000). Creating spirit at work: re-visioning organization development and leadership – Part II. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 110-119.

Vehicle shopping workbook

A Skills Approach: Excel 2016 Chapter 3: Using Formulas and
1 | Page Challenge Yourself 3.3 Last Updated 3/19/18
Challenge Yourself 3.3
In this project you will complete a vehicle shopping workbook to compare the purchase of several vehicles. After
completing the project, you can make a copy of the file and use it to compare vehicle purchases you are
considering for yourself. Be sure to save your work often!
Skills needed to complete this project:
• Naming Ranges of Cells
• Calculating Averages
• Finding Data Using the VLOOKUP Function
• Working with Named Ranges
• Using the Function Arguments Dialog to Enter Functions
• Using the Logical Function IF
• Calculating Loan Payments Using the PMT Function
• Creating Formulas Referencing Data from Other Worksheets
• Displaying and Printing Formulas
• Finding Errors Using Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents
• Finding Minimum and Maximum Values
• Using Formula AutoComplete to Enter Functions
• Updating Named Ranges with the Name Manager
• Editing and Deleting Names with the Name Manager
• Checking Formulas for Errors
1. Open the start file EX2016-ChallengeYourself-3-3. The file will be renamed automatically to include your
name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
2. If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the
top of the workbook so you can modify it.
3. The registration fee information in cells B11:C17 on the Data sheet will be used in lookup formulas later in
this project. Name the range RegistrationFees to make it easier to use later.
4. Return to the Purchase worksheet.
5. Calculate the average MPG for each vehicle.
a. Enter a formula in cell C10 using the AVERAGE function to calculate the average value of C8:C9.
Use only one argument.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
c. Excel will detect a possible error with these formulas. Use the SmartTag to ignore the error. Hint: Use
the SmartTag while cells C10:F10 are selected and the error will be ignored for all the selected cells.
6. Calculate the registration fee for each vehicle.
a. Enter a formula in cell C13 to look up the registration fee for the first vehicle. Use the vehicle type in
cell C4 as the Lookup_value argument. Use the RegistrationFees named range as the Table_array
argument. The registration fees are located in column 2 of the data table. Require an exact match.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
Step 1
start file
A Skills Approach: Excel 2016 Chapter 3: Using Formulas and
2 | Page Challenge Yourself 3.3 Last Updated 3/19/18
7. Determine whether or not you will need a loan for each potential purchase.
a. In cell C15, enter a formula using an IF function to determine if you need a loan. Your available cash is
located on the Data sheet in cell A3. If the price of the car is less than or equal to your available cash,
display “no”. If the price of the car is more than your available, cash, display “yes”. Use absolute
references where appropriate—you will be copying this formula across the row.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
8. Calculate how much you would need to borrow for each purchase.
a. In cell C16, enter a formula to calculate the price of the vehicle minus your available cash (from cell A3
in the Data worksheet). Use absolute references where appropriate—you will be copying this formula
across the row.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
9. Calculate the monthly payment amount for each loan.
a. In cell C20, enter a formula using the PMT function to calculate the monthly loan payment for the
first vehicle.
• Hint: Divide the interest rate by 12 in the Rate argument to reflect monthly payments.
• Hint: Multiply the number of years by 12 in the Nper argument to reflect the number of monthly
payments during the life of the loan.
• Hint: Use a negative value for the loan amount in the Pv argument so the payment amount is expressed
as a positive number.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
10. Compute the monthly cost of gas.
a. In cell C21, enter a formula to calculate the number of miles you expect to drive each month. Divide
the value of number of miles (cell A5 from the Data sheet) by the average MPG for the vehicle
multiplied by the price of a gallon of gas (cell A6 from the Data sheet).
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
c. If cells D21:F21 display an error or a value of 0, display formulas and check for errors.
d. If you still can’t find the error, try displaying the precedent arrows.
e. Hint: The references to the cells on the Data sheet should use absolute references. If they do not, the
formula will update incorrectly when you copy it across the row.
11. Compute the monthly cost of maintenance.
a. In cell C22, enter a formula to calculate the monthly maintenance cost: Divide cell C12 by 12.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
12. Compute the monthly cost of insurance.
a. In cell C23, enter a formula to calculate the monthly insurance cost: Divide cell C14 by12.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
A Skills Approach: Excel 2016 Chapter 3: Using Formulas and
3 | Page Challenge Yourself 3.3 Last Updated 3/19/18
13. In cells C24:F24, compute the total the monthly cost for each vehicle.
14. Determine which vehicles are affordable.
a. In cell C26, enter a formula using the IF function to display “yes” if the total monthly cost (cell C24)
is less than or equal to the total monthly amount available for vehicle expenses (Data sheet, cell A4).
Display “no” if the total monthly cost is not less than or equal to the total monthly amount available.
b. Copy the formula to the appropriate cells for the other vehicles.
c. Display formulas and use the error checking skills learned in this lesson to track down and fix
any errors.
15. Complete the Analysis section using formulas with statistical functions. Use named ranges instead of cell
references in the formulas. Calculate the average, highest, and lowest values for each of the following:
a. Price
b. MPG City
c. MPG Highway
d. Average MPG
e. Maintenance/Year
f. Registration Fee
g. Insurance/Year
h. Amount to Borrow
i. APR
j. Years
k. Loan Payment
l. Gas
m. Maintenance/Month
n. Insurance/Month
o. Total Monthly
• Select cells B7:F24 and use Excel’s Create from Selection command to create named ranges for each
row using the labels at the left side of the range as the names.
• Open the Name Manager and review the names Excel created. Notice that any spaces or special
characters in the label names are converted to _ characters in the names.
• To avoid typos as you create each formula, try using Formula AutoComplete to select the correct
range name.
16. Before finishing the project, check the worksheet for errors.
17. Save and close the workbook.
18. Upload and save your project file.
19. Submit project for grading.
Step 2
Upload &
Step 3
Grade my

Business Plan for resturant


Business Plan for resturant. The Start-up Expenses sub-section of the Descriptive Business Plan should include a discussion of the following elements:


1.A discussion of the applicable expenses to start the new business. These could include some (or all) of the following: costs of sales, professional fees, technology costs, administrative costs, sales and marketing costs, wages and benefits. Explain how each of these would impact your particular venture.


2.A discussion of any contingency percentage to cover any under estimation along with your rationale for this percentage


The Capitalization sub-section should include a discussion of the following elements:


1.The sources of all loans (existing or proposed) including amounts, terms, and collateral.


2.The names and amounts contributed by each investor in the business including the percentage of ownership of each investor.