submit a 500 words paper on the topic PeopleSmart review.

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic PeopleSmart review. People Smart book review People smart is an exceptional book that is dedicated to providing various calculated steps to help people on how to relate and work with others in any environment. It clearly distinguishes people who are who enjoy working along others in a professional set up. In the context by Mel Silberman, both professional and personal success requires a person to be very social and approachable. In this book, various fundamental skills are outlined with succinct character devotion, which is broadly divided into four main sections, namely learn it, want it, try it and live it. Clear self-expression, understanding other people, needs assertion and feedback exchange forms the first four steps for a successful professionalism. The remaining steps comprises of how an individual can influence others, resolve conflicts in an amicable manner, clearly shift gears to become an excellent team player (Silberman and Hansburg 38).

Want it section gives a satisfying situational checklist, which requires a questionable skill. The chapter of making a team player, for example, elaborates the corresponding situations as team project enhancement, committee working and incorporation of the excluded group. The “learn it” section gives an opportunity for the author to elaborate on the mandatory strategies needed to acquire interpersonal skills. Making an excellent team player requires an individual to team up with other co-workers for consensus building and teamwork development. There are also some specific procedures to achieve each goal in life as outlined in the book by Hansburg and Silberman (Silberman and Hansburg 69).

Common exercises are found in the “Try it” section, which comprises of involving situations that apply to most people under normal and working environment. In order to effect the strategies, a team player has an obligation to observe minority opinions in each group and ensure that minority opinions are heard. The final “Live it” part outlines the obstacles that prevent a person from applying the skills in the prevailing contexts. Most o the information in this book proves to be just some essence of common sense but the author expects readers to understand the psychological meaning behind the text (Silberman and Hansburg 108). The book however takes a controversial interpersonal relationship issue in a well-structured and rigid approach. Several books would provide knowledge about professional team working, but People smart give the right insight of the essence of interpersonal skills and the process of acquiring them in an amicable manner.

The book is helpful since it is inevitable for an individual to interact and communicate with other people in different environments. It clearly leads the reader through several aspects of daily life and help in positive relations and conflict resolution. It is a guarantee to relationship improvement as it presumes most neglected interactions. An individual with high intellectual values and low interpersonal skills with face limitations in most areas but proper consultation with people smart book gives the right interpersonal quotient to boost emotional intelligence. People from different areas of life, be it academic, professional or even leadership position can easily utilize this book to gain the best skills for a harmonious life.

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