submit a 2250 words paper on the topic The Basic Tenants That Shape Kuwaits Foreign Policy.

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic The Basic Tenants That Shape Kuwaits Foreign Policy.

As in the case of many other Middle Eastern countries, oil has the ability to shape the politics in Kuwait. It should be noted that the majority of foreign countries, irrespective of developed or developing, are facing a severe energy crisis at present. At the same time, Kuwait has abundant oil resources. Naturally, the eyes of the foreigners would definitely focus more on Kuwait even though Kuwait is only a small country. The political, social, and economic developments in Kuwait will be watched curiously by the foreigners.

It would be easy for western countries to interfere in Kuwaiti politics since Kuwait is facing many threats from its neighboring countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Westerners are providing protection to Kuwaitis while taking oil as the fees or payment for that protection. In short, oil plays an important role in Kuwaiti politics and it has the ability to shape the foreign policies of Kuwait. Oil export in Kuwait was started in 1946. Since then the oil revenues started to grow rapidly.

In 1952 and 1953, oil revenues have been doubled. Britain has made serious claims on Kuwait’s oil revenue since they were giving protection to Kuwaitis earlier. According to Tetreault, (1991), security as well and autonomy are extremely important for the Kuwaiti rules while they shape Kuwait’s foreign policies. Kuwaiti leaders want to protect their interests not only from the threats of external groups but also from internal social groups. In the search for survival small states often forced to succumb to the pressure of the great powers.

Turkey is another country that raised threats against Kuwait during the early part of its history. Because of the strategic location of Kuwait, Turks were interested in Kuwait. They were interested in gaining control over the attractive Kuwaiti trade. As a result of that, Kuwaiti leaders forced to surrender a portion of their autonomy to westerners like Britain deliberately to avoid larger losses.&nbsp. It should be noted that Kuwait was a colony of Britain earlier. Moreover, Britain was helping Kuwait in oil production, purification, and transportation.

Kuwait had no indigenously developed technologies to drill out oil. Kuwaitis rely on experts to produce, refine and market their oil. They sought help from western countries for the production and purification of oil. Westerners, on the other hand, utilized this opportunity very well. Countries such as Britain often put forward stakes in Kuwaiti oil revenue because of the above circumstances. However, Kuwaitis were not ready to accept these claims. As a result of that Britain’s relationship with Kuwait has started to spoil in the 50s and 60s.