submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Appropriate Accommodations for a Student with Dyslexia.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Appropriate Accommodations for a Student with Dyslexia.

Dyslexia usually runs in families. A student suffering from dyslexia can have the problem of separating sounds and rhyming that make up spoken words. The abilities seem to be significant in the progression of learning how to read. The student’s first reading skills are founded on word recognition which entails being capable to disconnect the sounds in words and equal them with letters and groups of letters (Ahissar M, November 2007).Because students with dyslexia have the problem of connecting sounds of language to letters of words, they can have a problem comprehending sentences.

True dyslexia is wider than simply transposing or confusing letters for example mistaking “d” and “b”.Other factors causing learning disability and especially the reading disability should be stated out before a diagnosis of dyslexia is performed. Emotional disorders, brain diseases and mental retardation, and particular education and cultural issues, can cause learning difficulties (Jones KM, October 2004).Moore DR (2007), the duty of getting students’ attention and ensure they are engaged for a period of time needs a majority of managing and teaching skills (Ahissar M, November 2007).

Students with the problem of following directions are usually assisted by asking them to repeat those directions in their own words.Give students with the graphic organizer: outline, blank web or chart may be given to students to fill during presentations. This assists students listen for major information and internalize the link among related and conceptual information.Use of balanced presentations and activities: Effort ought to be performed to balance oral presentations with participatory activities and visual information.

Likewise, there ought to be a balance between the huge group, small group and individual practices (Jones KM, October 2004).