submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The American Cultural Myth, America.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The American Cultural Myth, America.

This controversy comes from the miscomprehension of what is meant by equality and freedom and how it is realized in American society. The myth is that the United States of America represents the place where everybody is “free”, so he can do everything that comes into his mind. In reality, freedom and equality are really present in America, however, people who come to the state usually feel shocked because of the official and bureaucratic limitations, and face difficulties on their way to become a part of the American society.

During its history, the United States regulation has been doing its best to counterpoise the independence of a person with the welfare of the country and the outcomes of such efforts sometimes appeared to be rather strange and unexpected. Anti-smoking law that states that those who do not smoke have a right to live without smoke that restricts the right of smokers’ to smoke represents the perfect example of this strangeness. Young people who come to America to study are usually unpleasantly surprised by a great number of regulations that control each step they make.

The social principles in America are really strange. They represent a mix of Puritanism and the commonly nonjudgmental American approach that generates a lot of difficulties for newcomers because they can’t foresee American society’s reaction to their actions. Furthermore, in America, various ethnic groups live one next to another and each group has its own principles that may differ much from the values of others. Consequently, the newcomers often feel that there are absolutely no rules in the United States and appear at a loss.

During its history, America was considered to be exceptional in its job-related and personal opportunities. America was recognized as the “place of chance”, for everybody who would like to get a higher position in society (Lipset, 1997). However, the opponents of this opinion state that, at the same time as all communities are very different concerning their past and arrangement, the statement that America is exclusively righteous exaggerate the significance of distinctions between the United States and other developed countries (Ross, 1995).

According to them, such a statement does not take into account a lot of facts of the United States’ history which is contradictory to the notions of independence and equal opportunities, such as slavery, ghettoization, segregation and genocide (Lipset, 1997).