submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Procurement and Contracting in the Repair of Uxbridge Water PLCs Flood Relief Sewer.

. Uxbridge Water PLC, hereafter referred to as UW, is a public company. hence, it is obligated to follow government-approved procurement and contracting procedures. There are a number of factors that need to be considered in this case.

i. The sewer line runs directly under Brunel University’s main campus. Uxbridge Water PLC must, therefore, involve the university in the project. This will be necessary to ensure that the development does not obstruct the university’s undertakings. It will also help the firm to avoid any legal challenges. the university could sue the company for trespassing, environmental degradation, or noise pollution if it is not involved in the project.

The project will involve the procurement of construction material, equipment, and personnel. In addition, there may be other trivial resources required that will have to be obtained. The project has been pitted to cost £1 million. this is quite a large amount of public money. hence, it is crucial for UW to be able to account for every single cent of it.

There are a number of procurement strategies that UW could opt to use. This section of this document provides an assessment of these strategies, making recommendations on their suitability for the project.

If adopted, this model will have UW carry out all the necessary assessments and preparations for the project before inviting contractors to tender for it. This includes making designs of how the new lining will be implemented.

This procurement plan will give Uxbridge Water PLC control over vital aspects such as quality, costs, and specifications. This is brought about by the fact that the company will determine what the contractor does by coming up with the designs.

However, the strategy leaves all responsibility for risks at the hands of the client. hence, UW should be prepared to bear any discrepancies that arise due to its designs and specifications. Despite the various advantages, this method will present to Uxbridge Water PLC there is some uncertainty over its implementation. the contractor is not consulted during the design process and yet their input is extremely critical to the success of such projects.