submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Portrayal of Single Mothers the 20th Century Plays.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Portrayal of Single Mothers the 20th Century Plays.

How individuals deal with this backlash and what effect is manifested by those individuals can be highlighted by talented writers as they develop literature that reveals these manifestations. In Paul Zindel’s play, two daughters of an abusive single mother must find a way to grow and bloom despite this abuse. In Andrea Dunbar’s play, a girl who exists within an abusive family must find a way to cope with fathering children at a young age and surviving within a society. Both plays examine how dysfunctional alternative family styles perpetuate dysfunction.

Using these pieces of literature can reveal aspects of cultural relativism about these issues within the modern Western family.Paul Zindel, in his play The Effect of Gamma Rays on the Man in the Gold Marigolds,&nbsp.and Andrea Dunbar, in her play, The Arbor: A Play, examine the consequences of abuse within a dysfunctional family situation. In Zindel’s work, the play is based on a single mother who abuses her two daughters, creating different psychologies in each of them that drive the plot of the play.

In The arbor, Andrea Dunbar writes about an abusive family situation within which a teenage girl bares children from multiple fathers. Dunbar wrote this play at a very young age, as a teenage girl who was living some of the aspects of her story. In looking at these two plays and in studying the associated literature, an understanding of the social issues of single parenting and the issues of abuse in the way it can relate to single parenting can be found within the reflective literary pursuits of insightful playwrights.

In the study of human existence, it is important to examine the relatable artistic efforts that reflect social issues and culturally related consequences. In looking at the literary work for the theatre, the emotional undercurrent within a dysfunctional family setting can be abstracted and put under a light of focus by the use of symbolism and revelation. Studying these works and analyzing the well-crafted words and nuances of the characters and plots, it is possible to see a new aspect of family, society,&nbsp.and/or relationships.

How a writer uses the tools available can create a commentary that creates a voice that may not otherwise be heard.