submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Art of Memory.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Art of Memory. Matthews established a group of African Americans known as the “Talented Ten” to participate in the U.S Memory Championship. He made his students write essays using a minimum of two remembered quotations while in class. This technique proved to improve the memory ability of African American students at the time. He aimed at improving the living standards of these students through better education techniques. These students were intensively trained on how to memorize all the learned information to the extent of studying how to cram for extra hours. Hence, he introduced the Rote memorization technique where students were expected to cram information and use it during exams. The basis of the technique was to empower the students with the ability to retain information learned using particular memorizing styles.

According to Freire, Matthew argues that education is the simplest method of improving memorization (Page 11). He says. “You make monkeys memorize, whereas education is the ability to retrieve information at will and analyze it.”Matthews provides an informative insight into how students can perform better in exams given that education is a significant factor. He argues that it enables the student to understand information that will be memorized and can be accessed at any time. Matthews believes that through the provision of facts to students, they can add more information to their memory. Once the students learn the information they can easily analyze it.

Tony Buzan is an example of a student who began to read up on ways of improving his memory after understanding that his best friend who always came last in the class had a good memory as compared to him. He started having an interest in college and begun with Reading Greek and Roman reminders that gave him the ability to remember information about previous studies.&nbsp.