submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Crimes In America.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Crimes In America. The authorities realized that by minimizing the number of civilians holding and permitted to use firearms, they would contain the spread of violent crimes (Lott 12). Prior to 2013 before the enactment of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, Illinois was arguably the only state that did not permit even the licensed gun holders to carry such guns into public places. It would be illegal for such persons to conceal the guns with them while in public places. However, the state changed the law to permit gun holders to conceal the firearms with them while in public places since they faced potential threats from such places. In an attempt to regulate the use of firearms and to minimize the threat such people posed to those around them, the state government felt that there are effective and efficient police officers in all the public places. It would thus complicate the work of the police if the members of the public also carried their own firearms. However, through a court petition, licensed gun holders succeeded in compelling the state to change the legislation to permit them carry their weapons even in public places. The state also has stringent regulations that govern the issuance of guns to civilians. Anybody applying for guns must prove the eminent threat or any feature whether social or economic that makes them potential target to any source of threat. Additionally, they pay an amount of money before a sixteen-hour effective training on the use of the firearms. The state government must also assess their mental stability before proving and clearing them town guns. The government reserves the right to forfeit the guns on any basis including and not limited to mental stability of the applicant and past criminal records of the applicant. However, the state constitution states that the government will not infringe on the civilian’s right to own guns only that such interested public must prove to the authorities that they deserve the guns by passing all the set qualification procedures. Reducing the number of civilians with firearms in the state was the surest way of containing criminal activities. The government would therefore provide specific licenses to interested gun owners a document called Firearms owners identification card. With the identification card, the police among other state authorities could trace a gun or a bullet to a specific individual. This way, it became more difficult for such individuals to rent out their guns to criminals who would use such in carrying out criminal activities. To make such investigations easier, the government reduced the number of authorities permitted to lease guns to the public. It thus became the mandate of the government through the different police departments within the state. With such an effective and efficient gun management system coupled with the detailed filing system and training to the civilian applying for guns, the government rested assured of effective and timely use of the firearms. The policy that sought to reduce the number of civilians licensed to hold guns helped reduce marital wrangles and homicides as most of the gun holders would use their firearms in social squabbles such as family disputes. The laws required the gun holders to account for both the guns and bullets and produce both at any moment at the request of the police officers among other state authorities.