Struggle for democracy | Political Science homework help

  Use the following questions below to help you formulate your ideas in a 1-2 paragraph post. Your posts should be in your own words, well-organized and written in full sentences. Please don’t simply just answer the questions – try to create paragraphs with topic sentences and clear points to support your opinion! 

  • What do you think the authors mean by the title “The Struggle for Democracy”? Based on this title, what are some of the things you think you might learn about this semester about US politics and government?
  • What do you think a person’s roles and responsibilities in the democratic process is? What are some of the ways a person can be more involved in the democratic process? 
  • What has your experience with the democratic process in the US been? (For example, have you voted before, attended a protest, etc.)
  • Americans often use the word ‘freedom’. What does ‘freedom’ mean for you? In your opinion, are Americans really free?