Strayer bus 430 quiz 4 – operations management (latest 2014)

Course Operations Management
Test Quiz 4
Attempt Score 90 out of 90 points 
Instructions This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 6. The second 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 7. Be sure you are in the correct Chapter when you take the quiz.
• Question 1
 If a redundant component is added to a system, the overall system reliability
• Question 2
 The fundamental planning tool used to implement Quality Function Deployment is the
• Question 3
 A(n) ____ is a promise to reward and compensate a customer if a service upset occurs.
• Question 4
 Taguchi’s loss function is most closely associated with
• Question 5
 A bank provides four sequential services to its customers. Over the last quarter, the reliability of each of these services was 92%, 97%, 95% and 90%.  What is their overall reliability?
• Question 6
 Objectives of service guarantees include all of the following except
• Question 7
 Which of the following is not correct regarding product or process simplification?
• Question 8
 In design specification terminology, permissible variation is called
• Question 9
 To improve system reliability, one option is to
• Question 10
 Which of the following is not an important element of reliability definition?
• Question 11
 Which of the following is not a principal dimension of the servicescape?
• Question 12
 Regarding the first House of Quality, the interrelationship between any pair of technical features is found in
• Question 13
 Which of the following is not included in a failure-mode-and-effects analysis (FMEA)?
• Question 14
 Which of the following is not a principal dimension of a servicescape?
• Question 15
 Which of the following is not one of the six customer attributes that impact the design and configuration of a customer benefit package?
• Question 16
 Transferring material between two non-adjacent workstations, waiting for service and requiring multiple approvals are examples of
• Question 17
 Dell computers and Subway sandwiches are examples of ____ goods.
• Question 18
 Marketing Product Characteristics/Decisions for the Product-Process Matrix include all the following except
• Question 19
 Which one of the following major activities is not one of the six major activities to design a goods-producing or service-providing process?
• Question 20
 Which one of the following best describes reengineering?
• Question 21
 Little’s Law
• Question 22
 The average number of entities completed per unit time — the output rate — from a process is called ____.
• Question 23
 Which of the following is not a common process design improvement strategy?
• Question 24
 A(n) ____ is a group of ____ needed to create and deliver an intermediate or final output.
• Question 25
 Using the Service Positioning Matrix, a limited number of customer pathways and highly repeatable service encounter activity sequences would best relate to
• Question 26
 Which is the correct order of hierarchy?
• Question 27
 During which phase of a product’s life cycle does low unit cost become a top competitive priority?
• Question 28
 ____ offer customers broad freedom to select the pathways that are best suited for their immediate needs and wants from many possible pathways through the service delivery system.
• Question 29
 Appliances and iPods are examples of ____ goods.
• Question 30
 A process map (flowchart)