Strategic Research Project homework

Strategic Research Project homework Part 1: Conduct a Critical Analysis

Strategic Research Project homework Note: All Parts have indicated page lengths and number of scholarly resources; however, this does not mean this is the total minimal amount. All students must make sure the entire content is covered at the doctoral level with the number of scholarly sources to validate and synthesize the content. In addition, to proceed from Part to Part while making progress, all students must be in good academic standing.

Review the SRP current template for additional guidelines regarding the requirement of page length and number of scholarly current sources for this Part.

Each faculty will assign a complete/incomplete status once the student returns each Part with the corrections given by the faculty.

A. Description of the Setting (Complete/Incomplete)

For this section, you will investigate and consider sources related and available to the organization or educational setting that you have selected to investigate.  The sources you select should provide sufficient information to provide a clear description of your selected organization or educational setting.  The final product for this part will include the following components: (a) researcher’s role; (b) background and history; (c) vision, mission, and value statements; and (d) reputation and sustainability. In addition to these components, you may include other relevant data or sections that will ensure a description of the setting for your SRP is rich and clear. Your narrative should use the language of systems thinking as appropriate and include statements supported with facts, information, and evidence.  Any sources utilized in this part should be cited using APA format and compiled as appendices.


Research subject: “An Investigation into the Perceptions and Experiences of Minority Fathers in Child Support Enforcement in Florida”

Target Organization: Florida Department of Revenue / State Attorney’s Office – Miami Dade Child Support

Researcher’s Role: Legal Specialist


The number of sources is not limited because we need at least 2 Sources per paragraph.