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A question of interest to many educators and college admissions officers is whether and to what extent high school students’ performance on standardized tests can predict their performance in college. That is, does how well a student do on a test before entering college bear any relationship to his/her performance in college?

Here is one study looked into this question. The data contain information about students’ final GPA for all years of college, their performance on the ACT (a standardized test commonly used for college admissions), and their high school GPA. They estimated models to examine the links between GPA in college and these two separate pre-college measures.

Your original posting should be answering following questions by July22nd.

  1. Write out the regression equation that you would use to examine this question.
  2. What is the independent variable? The dependent variable?
  3. Form null and alternate hypotheses for the independent variables in your equation (testing for the slopes).
  4. Estimating their regression equation in a statistical software package yielded the following results:discussion question output
    This table shows that the estimated value of the coefficient on high school grades is .453 and is statistically significant. The coefficient on ACT scores is .009 and is not statistically significant. What do these significance levels indicate about acceptance or rejection of the null hypothesis?
  5. How do you interpret the value of R2 (.1764)? Do these two factors explain a lot of the variance in college GPA?
  6. Provide at least two additional predictor variables to explain the dependent variable.

Read your classmates post and discuss question #6 for the original posting. Share your idea what do you think of the multiple regression analysis. 

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