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Project Charter and Project Management Plan

In this assessment item you have to define the high-level goals and objectives of your project. The Project Charter is a contract between you and the client. It specifies the goals the client wants your project to achieve and items that are in and out of scope for this particular project. All the other phases of the project will be based on the goals specified in this Charter.

In addition to the Charter, you also have to devise an initial Project Management Plan. This plan will document the resources (people and budget) for the project as well as a timeline for the different project phases and project milestones. In the Project Management plan you also have to evaluate potential risks that your project may face and propose risk migration strategies.

This is a real project (not theoretical). The type of project you do will depend on your major. Information will be given in the first week of classes.You need to make sure your submission matches the nature of the project that you are doing. Thus different majors will have different flavours to this submission. Please consult with your lecturer for further advice as needed.

The templates for the Project Charter and Project Management Plan are located in the resources section of the ITC306 Interact site.