Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help

Write 10 pages with APA style on Alcohol Advertising in the UK: A Critical Study of Ethical Issues and Debates.

This particular type of work is in a category that is referred as an effective labour and the commercial advertisers more of than not seek to elicit increased consumption of the products that they promote through branding that entails linking the product to particular qualities in the mind of the consumers.

Alcohol advertising is the proportion that is associated with intoxicating drinks by the companies that produce it by the use of several types of media. Alcohol advertising, as well as tobacco advertising, are considered to be the most highly controlled types of marketing and in some of the countries, there are bans on some or all the advertisements that are associated with alcohol (Frith and Mueller, 2010, p. 187). The advertisement of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of these products have a distinct connection according to health agencies, scientific research as well as universities, though there is no concrete proof that advertising of the alcoholic beverages causes people to take it more rather than simply exhibiting more public demand. Many of the people that are interested in these advertisements are of the opinion that the alcohol advertisements and campaigns merely increase the market share of the producer as well as the loyalty to the brand by the consumers.

The Advertising Standards Authority is an organization that is that self regulates itself that operates in the marketing industry in the UK (Kitchen and Proctor, 2001, p 17) and the organization is non-statutory and therefore the organization has no mandate to enforce or interpret legislation but the code of advertising practice widely exhibits the legislations in many of the cases. The organization does not receive funding and assistance from the government but they impose tariffs on the marketing segments of the economy.

The role that is assigned to it is they make sure that the content of advertisements is regulated, sales promotions as well as direct marketing in the United Kingdom through the investigation of the complaints that are made about advertisements, direct marketing or the sales promotions and making the decision whether the advertisements comply with the standards codes.

Assignment two.

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Media in Laos and Thailand. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required

These have been done by establishing and enacting laws to guide the operation of the media in the country. Some of the government policies have brought bigger conflicts between the government and the media houses. In Laos and Thailand, the media have been depicted on similarly and different ways, these in terms of the trend in media, issues covered, and the application of technology.

Thailand has an approximate population of 62 million, with the addition of 60 million by the first quarter in the year 2013 (Singh & Lorraine, 27). The majority of the Thai population can barely read and read English, therefore, major media is targeting the locals who have attained the basic level of education of reading and writing the local languages. The people who understand English are the few learned and the foreign who are the expatriates, they can both read and write. So far two English media houses have been established for nationwide coverage, one by the new media group in 1971 and the media established by Bangkok in 1971 (Singh & Lorraine, 29).

In Thailand, there have been significant changes in the media. these are in terms of the freedom, issues, and the use of technology. Starting from the freedom, initially, Thailand had been enjoying greater freedom of expression, due to the unity that had been existing between the societies in Thailand. The situation has recently changed due to the recent war that started in 2005. The war has created indifferences among the different societies. The government also controls the traditional taboos and monarchy in Thailand. The changes have occurred because of the tough political period ruler in Thailand.

There have been existing changes in the platform trend used by the media. many social sites have come up to provide a common platform for the media and the journalist to use, initially, it was mostly so through radio and television broadcast, other platforms such as the social media sites like Facebook, and Twitter has emerged. The&nbsp.research shows that there are about 18 million users of Facebook one the social site.