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The assignment here is to identify some interesting claim or fact or insight from each of two sources, and to then write something explaining a connection between these.

(1) The first source is the Keneally book (preferably from chs. 14-16 (but it’s acceptable to be from chs. 11-16)) and

(2) The second source is to be the World Food Programme website

  • First, from the Keneally book, locate an interesting or significant claim or fact or insight.
  • Second, find some claim or fact or insight made on the WFP website which is interesting or significant, given what you’ve learned in the course so far.
  • State these two items as precisely and clearly as you can, clarifying why they are significant.
  • Then describe or explain some interesting connection between these two items.(Obviously, you can’t choose these at random, but need to choose them with this potential comparison or connection in mind.)

(Note: ways of being “interesting or significant” can include a number of different things: e.g., being surprising, being controversial, or being insightful in that they let us see things in a new light which may be useful. One of the points might provide some explanation for the other, or it might in fact cast doubt of the reasonableness of the other. Note that you should be sure to be showing your understanding of the Keneally book or the themes of the course as a whole so far.

You would do well to show that you have an understanding of what Keneally is trying to say, and also to show that you have searched thoughtfully through the WFP website.

Quotations, if you have them, should not be long, and they don’t count toward the word count.

Citations: For what you take from the Keneally book, please cite the page number (Keneally, p. X).In the case of the website, cite by cutting and pasting the link to the specific page, and indicating the “heading” if this is useful.


Recall from the syllabus that these responses should range between 300 and 400 words.(Write your response in a word processor before putting it online to get an accurate word count). Copied or quoted material will not count toward the word limit on discussion posts (e.g. If you copy a block of text and put it a post as a quote, you still need to write at least 300 words that is your own work.)

As noted on the syllabus, these will be graded according to the following scale:

  • Exceeds Expectations: A post that is on topic and that makes an especially perceptive and constructive set of observations, comments or critiques: 40 Points.
  • Achieves Expectations well: A post that is clear, thoughtful, on topic and clearly relevant to the topic at hand: 38 points.
  • Good: A post that is clearly on topic: 35 points.
  • Satisfactory: A post that is “in the ballpark”, but not quite sufficiently clear and/or relevant. 30 points.
  • Minimally Acceptable: At least 300 words and basically coherent (and not shown to involve plagiarism (see “Academic Integrity”)). 20 points
  • Otherwise: Unacceptable. 0 points