Siemens needs to clean up around the globe

Cam A government legislate morality? Maybe not but it can legislate behavior. That legislation may not always stop bad behavior but if properly enforced, it may make violators sorry for what they did and serve as an example to deter others. The FCPA was intended to stop bribery or at least stop companies that are either based or operate in the US from engaging in bribery. The law did not stop Siemens from bribery but it did make the practice expensive for the firm.



What are the costs and benefits of bribery to a business

Is the FCPA unnecessarily harsh or do its provisions dispense the appropriate level of punishment?

In your view, how heavily should Siemens be fined? In addition to fines, what else can be done?

Are some of Siemens employees “bad apples” or is Siemens a “bad barrel:?


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