Survival of the revolutionary Republic

250 words

Political Morality (


(1) Robespierre gave the speech in February 1794. What’s the context — i.e., what had been going on in France in the preceding year that threatened the survival of the revolutionary Republic?

(2) What was the nature of the war in the Vendée, of which the battles for Cholet were part, and how might the conflict have affected Robespierre’s views?

(3) What does Robespierre mean by “political morality,” and why is it important to him?

(4) In Robespierre’s view, what’s the relationship between virtue and terror?

(5) In light of of what you’ve read and seen, was Robespierre’s position justified? Can freedom and terror co-exist?

Explain. Elaborate. Give examples from the assigned sources.