reza aslan as one of the most controversial religious

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Aslan experienced a sense of culture shock in his early days in San Francisco since the way he was brought up back in Tehran was entirely different from the new way of life that they were assimilated into the new land. However, given that Aslan was still young, he had the advantage of quickly fitting in the new setting since he would interact with other children in school and the neighbourhood. In that light, he was quickly Americanized a reason at some point. He had to convert to Christianity to fit into the new culture fully.

Reza indulged in religious matters to the extent that every aspect of his life revolved around religion. He wrote some books expounding on Islam and Christianity in equal measure. He made so much effort to intertwine the two religions a reason he married Jessica Jackley, who is a Christian, to further the fusion of the two religions to new heights (Castelli, 2013).The historical and autobiographic fragments bleed to the religious piece that is fundamental in the life of Reza Aslan. To begin with, Aslan is a religious professor, and thus most of his life activities and experiences should revolve around religion and other associated aspects.

Until Aslan pursued his undergraduate degree in religious studies from the University of Santa Barbra, he developed a pragmatic approach to religion. Previously, the decisions and arguments that he made concerning religious matters were barely uninformed since he possessed little knowledge in the field of religion. Now that he had undertaken to specialize in religious matters, he had an in-depth knowledge of the discipline and tackled issues dealing with religion from a pundit’s perspective.

Reza was born to Muslim parents back in Iran who raised him conforming to the Islamic values and way of life. The fact that his family had to flee the war that culminated with the Iranian revolution made them immigrants in America, a society that was open and different from the way he had been brought up.