Research paper prompt and submission – 1500 or more words – mla format

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Research Paper–

Issue/Topic: Celebrity, Celebrity Culture and the effects on society
1500 or more words
MLA format
Must include research from at least 4 scholarly sources (use HCC Library and GoogleScholar) I have attached 20 pdf with scholarly sources to choose from. 2 were provided from teacher Celebrity Culture Beneficial and The Culture of Celebrity. I have also attached a Word Document Research Paper Guide. Please read all the way to bottom more instructions at the bottom. Disregards Links and external cites those are the PDFs.

Celebrity is a popular cultural Links to an external site.phenomenon surrounding a well-known person. Though many celebritiesLinks to an external site. became famous as a result of their achievements or experiences, a person who obtains celebrity status does not necessarily need to have accomplished anything significant beyond being widely recognized by the public. Some celebrities use their fameLinks to an external site. to reach the upper levels of social status. Popular celebrities can wield significant influence over their fans and followers. Cultural historian and film critic Neal Gabler has described the phenomenon of celebrity as a process similar to performance art in which the celebrity builds intrigue and allure by presenting a manufactured image to the public. This image is reinforced through advertisingLinks to an external site. endorsements, appearances at high-profile events, tabloid gossip, and social mediaLinks to an external site. presence.

In previous decades, celebrity status was mainly reserved for film stars, televisionLinks to an external site. personalities, entertainersLinks to an external site., politicians, and athletesLinks to an external site.. Contemporary celebrities come from diverse fields ranging from astrophysics to auto mechanics, or they may simply be famous for their lifestyle or InternetLinks to an external site. antics. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram provide the means for previously unknown individuals to cultivate a significant following. Celebrification is the process by which someone or something previously considered ordinary obtains stardom. Previously commonplace activities, such as practicing vegetarianismLinks to an external site. or wearing white t-shirts, can undergo celebrification when associated with a famous person or major event.

Celebrity culture exists when stardom becomes a pervasive part of the social order, commodified as a commercial brand. Celebrities’ personal lives are recast as products for consumption, with a dedicated fan base demanding information and unlimited access to the celebrity’s thoughts and activities. A niche community such as a fan base can be monetized through effective marketing that links brand loyalty to the consumer’s identity. Fans may be more likely to purchase a product or attend an event if they feel that doing so strengthens their relationship with a celebrity. Additionally, fans may worry that they will disappoint their idol if they do not own a specific item or support a specific cause. A person may feel that they need to support a celebrity if that support reinforces their membership in a specific group or demographic.

Find scholarly sources that focus on celebrity and celebrity culture and the impact it has had (whether past or present) and make arguable claims (take a position) on what these terms mean, how they have impacted society (positively? negatively? something in between?) and possibly how it is or has changed and what this means for the future. 

ALL QUOTATION OR PARAPHRASE should be cited in-paper (put the author’s name or other source identifier directly in your paper).  Failure to give credit to the author is plagiarism and will result in a zero for the assignment