research paper on ubi-france. Needs to be 8 pages.

Need an research paper on ubi-france. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. There has been a rumour that Ubi-France intended to purchase a number of shares towards the acquisition of the German rival groups. The business situation was therefore tensed, and business relationship between France and Germany stained. Such rumours have been refuted by the officials from the Ubi-France, rather the officials have stressed over the need to secure market shares and achieve customer satisfaction. The company has adopted and implemented “the use of operational ideas and successful experiences from their operations in France”, and has integrated the after-purchase services with the sales network, aimed at the establishment “of a comprehensive and high-efficiency sales-service network” (Warren, 2001). The German consumer market venture has recorded sales of more than twenty thousand units on a monthly basis, which is forty per cent greater than the previous solo performance of the company.

Ubi-France has felt the victim of the sociolinguistic challenges within the German market. The multinational companies including Ubi-France have been accused of their involvement in such practices which generate “creativity-driven shock values, controversy and extreme individualism commonly accepted in the North American and Western European markets”. Ubi-France has experienced severe tribulations due to its “advertising language as culture-blind and bona fid”, and the German market created a great hurdle for the industry. It has been important for the company to implement congruence of the values, and avoid the existence of the cultural values in the organization in an implicit manner.

It has been observed that the categorization of the organizational, departmental, and employee values and behaviours on the basis of the cultural affinity has generated satisfaction among the employees, and has developed positive impact on their “commitment, absenteeism, turnover, morale, and perception of feeling involved in an organization’s decision-making process” (Warren, 2001).&nbsp.