research paper on the spate of israeli violence in gaza. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on the spate of israeli violence in gaza. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The focus of this paper is to provide a brief overview of the media coverage of Israeli violence against Palestinians in Gaza along with the Israeli ban on the media.

Indeed, the Foreign Press Association of Israel attacked the prohibition as unprecedented and a “violation of press freedom” ( and the International Federation of Journalists argued that the ban on foreign media entering Gaza combined with the Military Censor’s guidelines has effectively resulted in the world not seeing what is happening in Gaza ( Erlanger, 2009). Moreover, the New York Times reported on January 10 that “Israel has also managed to block cellphone bandwidth, so very few amateur cell-phone photographs are getting out of Gaza” (Erlanger, 2009).

As such, this has further fuelled controversy regarding the nature of media reporting, with criticisms of the BBC and Sky News refusal to screen the charity appeal of the Disasters Emergency Committee to highlight the plight of those struggling to survive the aftermath of the Israeli attacks ( This further highlights the importance of responsible media and accountability in reporting due to the concurrent influence on public opinion. Indeed Curren and Seaton comment that “the mass media are rather like the political parties in that they tend to gravitate towards the centre in response to competitive pressures” (Curren & Seaton, 2003).

Moreover media self-regulation and ownership model results in a handful of media barons with influence and power of media to broadcast their ideology and increase of competition among channels for advertisers with fewer businesses controlling the mass media (Curren & Seaton, 2003). As such, it has been submitted that the shrinking media ownership has given way to the incorporation of a Marxist media model through the back door (Briggs & Burke,2005).