research paper on the relation between cognitive psychology and learning. Needs to be 6 pages.

Need an research paper on the relation between cognitive psychology and learning. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Performance is associated directly with attention whereas attention is an independent variable. Some students get more productive through divided attention while others are prone to selective attention, which means attending only one message at a time. Even for those who prefer multitasking, in some complex courses, selective attention is required. Therefore, it depends on students to select the appropriate strategy for a given situation. 3. Human Memory: Storage and Encoding Memory is a single terminology but it reflects several different activities.

Encoding is referred to as translating the information in a form so that it suits the memory system and can be stored. Encoding information also involves relating new information with the previous memories. The key to improving in this area is to enhance the process of encoding and guarantee techniques that result in effective retrieval. Good encoding techniques that can be used by students to make improvements in studies include forming mental images, relating new information with the past ones, and creating linkages among the information that needs to be recalled.

To store information, one needs to use as many senses as possible to remember the information. 4. Human Memory: Retention and RetrievalRetention refers to retaining information and retrieval is defined as recalling information when required. Many students experience difficulties when it comes to retrieval and retention. The key to retaining information is developing cues. These cues will then lead the student back to the information that has been encoded. The mnemonic system can improve the memory abilities of a person.

Another strategy for retaining information is comprehending the meaning instead of rereading without grasping the content. To make the retrieval system strong, the material or information must be viewed, again and again, repeated, written down, or recreated the experience. Associating new information with something that is already understood can also help in recalling information.