research paper on symolism: man in the maze. Needs to be 4 pages.

Need an research paper on symolism: man in the maze. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. The Symbol’s meaning is represented by a sign which is commonly known as “Man in the Maze” and interpretations for the symbol differ between families. As such therefore there is not one standard meaning of the symbol and different tribes and families interpret it differently.

Going by oral O’odham historical accounts the “Man in the Maze” is referred to as I’itoi or the creator who lives inside a cave under Baboquivari Mountain’s peak. Anyone who visits the cave is required to come with food so that their safe return is guaranteed. According to the O’odham, I’itoi brought Hohokam from the underworld to the earth and Hohokam refers to ancestors of the Pima and O’odham communities. Among the Pima, I’itoi is also referred to as “Elder Brother” but the most common reference is the “Man in the Maze,” a design that is common on their native baskets in which he is positioned at an entry to a labyrinth. Pima people believe the labyrinth is a representation of the floor plan for Elder Brother’s house while Tohono O’odham people believe it is a map of direction to the house of Elder Brother. All his belongings such as clothing and teepees were artistically decorated with symbols which depicted his achievements in life, his heroic actions and spiritual guides and other important events of his life.

In the “Man in the Maze” the figure of a human is symbolically placed at an entrance to a maze and the maze itself only has one path. This is symbolic of the journey of life that we have to take and the many circumstances associated with life such being happy or sad some times, succeeding in some courses and failing in others etc. it captures human life and choices made by people throughout the journey of life.