research paper on rhetoric and human consciousness. Needs to be 9 pages.

Need an research paper on rhetoric and human consciousness. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. As soon as ancient people understood the value of rhetoric it was included in the education program of schools and universities as one of the arts of discourse. It is not a surprise that rhetoric was created in ancient Greece as this was the first state that emerged from the mythic perception of the world but got rid of it in the process of intellectual evolution. Greek society was the one that bred the concept of democracy as it is Greeks who realized the importance of society for human evolution. It is probably was best formulated by Aristotle`s definition of a human as a “political animal”: so unless a person adapts to society he remains an animal only.

So Greeks were the first who concluded that a human being can exist only in a social environment that is why communication among people plays a primary role in the level of development. In other words, Greeks were the first who understood the enormous power of the mind that could alter reality with the help of words and images (Backman, 1991, 66). That is how rhetoric appeared- it was a tool that could verbally modulate the world itself, and influence it on a social level. In the times when civilization was only arising it was crucial to choose the right path to follow for the whole nation (it is no less important in our time).

Rhetoric started to be regarded as the art that is capable to make an impact, persuade, and motivate the audience of listeners and readers. Since then rhetoric plays a crucial role in the development of human consciousness as it, first of all, serves as the basis for the self-consciousness of each human being, and only from awareness about personal thoughts, ideas, and feelings a person learns to create the world around him. While Erich Heller warns people to be careful about the interpreting of the world, because it appears to be exactly as it is, rhetoric that helps to deliver the variant of interpretation of one human being to another most accurately (Heller, 1975, 77). Rhetoric serves as the link between human consciousness that is totally isolated from the outer world and other people. And to the degree to which rhetoric skills are developed is proportional to the degree to which the person`s ideas are understood and grasped.