research paper on personalization of the media landscape. Needs to be 10 pages.

Need an research paper on personalization of the media landscape. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Similarly, companies and businesses have also personalized the media landscape by sharing only information that directly benefits their progress within society. The business societies have shaped the ancient collective memory by making the sharing of media information more personalized through self-advertisement campaigns.

Participatory culture outlines the impact of memory devices and social media on heritage disclosure. Participatory culture characterizes relatively small barriers to public artistic expression and civic engagement. Moreover, the culture involves substantial support for developing an individual’s creations with other and frameworks for formal and informal mentorship to novices. In such a culture, people feel socially connected with one another all the time (Kuhn 2010). Even though individuals may act at different levels of motivation and expertise, they belong to communities that provide a collective memory through the mass media.

In addition, cultures of participation value the creative process and how engaging socially in creative activities change the way individuals think about others. As emphasized by Jenkins, a participatory culture shifts the attention from personalized expression to community participation. It also reframes literacy from matters of interactive technology to issues of cultural attitude (Kuhn 2010). Participatory culture does not just involve producing and consuming user-generated content but also manifested in diverse forms of affiliation, expression, collaboration and distribution (Dijck2011).

Participatory culture is not a few. For example, amateur arts are an instance of participatory culture. The Amateur Press Association of the middle culture is challenging and in some cases recasting the way in which industries do business, citizens engage in civic and political life. Teachers and students prepare and learn, and people engage in forms of creative expression and new artisanship. The long-term implications of this change are impossible to know, but they raise significant issues.