research paper on management information and communication systems expansion. Needs to be 17 pages.

Need an research paper on management information and communication systems expansion. Needs to be 17 pages. Please no plagiarism. Outsourcing of IT and e-commerce is a practice that is beneficial to both SMEs and MNCs. This is because it helps in the management of resources that are at the disposal of the&nbsp.organization& such a way that a little resource can be used to achieve several constitute components of the&nbsp.organizational&nbsp.processes. By extension, any&nbsp.organization&nbsp.that is implementing MICS must be in a position to do things right and in the best approach to achieve needed results. There are times that&nbsp.organizations&nbsp.may be found to be in very good positions to execute IT and e-commerce for themselves. There are other times that doing this for themselves simply does not seem the best way out. In such instances where going about IT and e-commerce does not seem the best way out for an&nbsp.organization, it tends to resort to the outsourcing of IT and e-commerce.

Given the important role that MICS plays in the&nbsp.organization&nbsp.and the fact that it is not always that&nbsp.organizations&nbsp.will be in a position to undertake such IT processes for themselves, the paper seeks to critically discuss the reason why&nbsp.organizations&nbsp.outsource IT and e-commerce. IT and e-commerce outsourcing will thus be treated as constituent components of the larger concept of MICS in this paper. To this better, the nature of MICS as a collective concept in&nbsp.organizational& shall be reviewed. This will lead up to an understanding of how MICS helps&nbsp.organizations& improve their management&nbsp.decision-making, noting that the outcome of the&nbsp.organization’s processes is largely dependent on its management&nbsp.decision-making&nbsp.(quote). After noting the nature of MICS and how it improves management&nbsp.decision-making, the various strategies of MICS in different&nbsp.organizations&nbsp.shall be examined. More particularly, the researcher will be looking into the case of small and medium scale enterprises (SME) and large multinational companies (MHC). As these different&nbsp.organizations&nbsp.engage in MICS strategies, the factors they consider to yield innovation and&nbsp.some&nbsp.key&nbsp.limitations.