research paper on ethical consideration for the laboratory-based studies on animals. Needs to be 6 pages.

Need an research paper on ethical consideration for the laboratory-based studies on animals. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Nowadays much debate has gone underway, and it is instituted that in-humane ways and unnecessary experimentation on animals should be avoided at all costs.Lots of commissions, laws and animal rights activists have emerged over the course of time, and they have educated human psychology as well as providing safe havens to naive animals. Nevertheless, animal testing is still being done widely, since it is beneficial and in so many ways the gain the human gets out of these experiments in fighting and eradicating the diseases from the face of the earth is beyond explanation.

It is this very trait that has enabled humans to invent new surgical methods and in finding cures for many diseases through drugs and their administration, that the study and experimentation on animals can never be completely ruled out. Better still, we have found a number of ways to assist the animals, and to protect them against any painful and inhumane experiments (APA, 2013).Nowadays, scientists are encouraged to follow a set of procedures which is most commonly called the Three ‘R’s of animal research, they are Reduction, Refinement and Replacement.

They are described as.Reduction: Reducing the number of animals used for experimentation, by devising better experimenting ways, and analyzing previous data and sharing one’s research details openly so that other researchers can benefit from it.Replacement: Replacing animal testing to other alternative methods, such as living organism’s cell or tissue can be used instead of the whole animal, testing via computer modules or experimenting on human volunteers (BBC, 2014).It is a common misconception that animal testing is done to ensure that a certain drug is safe and effective for human beings, in fact, animal testing is done just to ensure whether it can be tested on humans or not.

In a way, it’s just a first step toward finding the cure, first, a drug is tested on animals when it passed a test of a certain degree, it is then given a trial and it is then tested on humans. It is a long and tiresome process that involves lots of patience but the fruit of this painful process has given us all a ray of hope in fighting against lots of diseases.