Research Essay Critiques 3

Essay #1


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I need 2 (TWO SEPERATE 125 word min responses) critiques in regard to each of the outlines below fitting the following reqs   


The research that I will be performing will need to be easy to describe as well as report, if results appear from a previous study it will be easy to analyze so therefore; mixed methods will be the best option for my research also both qualitative and quantitative data will be important in my research. I plan on using qualitative results to help me in my explanation as well as interpreting my results of the quantitative research.


   I plan on doing field research this will allow me the opportunity to observe the different behaviors within the workplace, schools, homes, and play. I will need to actually be in the environment to make sure that I am getting the best possible results. My field research will target a particular population, the participants of my focus will be anyone who has a smartphone, more of a random sample. A survey will probably be done also in order to possibly get views on how others view the use of smartphones.


 In conclusion, I want to be able to answer my research questions from many perspectives. It is going to be very important that I am collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. I will need to focus on who will be able to provide me with the best relevant information. Using the mixed methods approach is going to involve many stages of collecting data.


Essay #2

The research design that I have selected is mixed.  Mixed methodology is the combination of qualitative and quantitative research.  So far, I believe I will be able to gain ample tangible statistics from the web concerning my topic.  Being able to quantify the research topic purposefully, I would like to back it up with a bit of qualitative research as well.  It is one thing to see “popular trends”, and it is another to see “sales trends”.  Now, if you combine these two graphs or charts together it easy to see if they are connected!


I’ve always liked facts.  Facts and math are two things that are undeniable.   Sure, some facts change over time; i.e. pluto was a planet, the world is flat, etc, however the facts today are facts!  I would like to use this research to prove my research topic, then using some opinions to back them up, put the nail in the coffin. 


Qualitative research is sticky I think.  Interviews based on what people think of a subject can vary dramatically.  I am pretty confident that the interviews I will take will back up the research.  interviews from a mixed group of people that I know.  I too have an opinion on the matter, but will stay subjective in order to achieve proper answers.