relationship between methodologies and project life

In our case study, we are each functioning as a project manager.  
What factors should you consider in choosing a methodology for any project (not just our case study)? 
Discuss the relationship between methodologies and project life cycles. 
Should methodologies be standardized or is flexibility within project management a better choice?



 When considering the methodology for projects, there are many factors to be considered such as the size of the project, the scope, and the difficulty level.  The methodologies and project life cycles go hand in hand.  Each type of methodology is going to encompass some sort of project life cycle.  The generic project life cycles include initiating, planning, executing, and closing.  Not all methodologies will necessarily follow this life cycle to the tee, but there will be something similar.  The methodologies within project management should be flexible.  Each project offers different obstacles that will ultimately result in a different approaches depending on the complexity of the project.  Having the flexibility to adapt to the complexities is a necessity.