Read the case study “Acme Manufacturing Company” at the end of Chapter 2 and answer the questions at the end of the reading. Submit your completed assignment to

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Review and Discussion Questions








1.    Briefly describe typical activity patterns in managerial work.






2. What does descriptive research tell us about managerial decision making, planning, and problem solving?




3. Briefly describe Mintzberg’s 10 managerial roles. Are some roles more important than others?




4. Briefly describe how managerial behavior is influenced by the nature of the job situation, according to Stewart.




5. How are managerial activities and behavior affected by level of management, unit size, and lateral interdependence?




6. How is a crisis likely to affect managerial activities and behavior?




7. How does the organizational life cycle affect the relative importance of different managerial functions and activities?




8. How much latitude do managers have in what they do and how they do it? Is it more accurate to view managers as “captains of their destiny” or “prisoners of their fate”?




9. Why do managers have so much difficulty managing their time?



10. What can be done to improve time management and problem solving