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                                       DMAIC / Six-Sigma Project

During the process of projects implementation, hypothetically for the assessment`s purposes, the picture your instructor as a chief executive officer of a company at any industry of your choice. 

In order to gain the CEO` approval for quality improvement project (Six Sigma) and compete for full project`s sponsorship, student is required to provide a detailed project information to convince the instructor – supposedly the (CEO) to choose and support your project. 


Guidance for the project report:

The report must include the following: 

1. Product or Service Information: 

Select an actual Product or Service from any local/international company that you would like to improve/change, and provide the following Information:

· The product or service general information such as name, features, value to customers..ect.

· Brief history about the chosen product or service (formation, sales, previous changes). 

2. The necessity for change : 

· The reasons behind the improvement decision, each group asked to present no less than two reasons why they think the change is important for their product /service (Leadership, Competitors Technological advances, Training requirements, Rules and regulations, Customer demands).

3. Define Stage ( Planning) : 

· Define the project’s scope, goals, and objectives and its team members and sponsors ( Project charter )

· Define the current and the desired status, the project scheduling.

· Define the stakeholders affected by the project such as (employees, society, customers, stockholders, suppliers…etc)

· Identify the team you need and the members` functions that will help you throughout the project.  

· What method you plan to use for defining the project (Work Breakdown Structure, Pareto Diagrams) and why? 

4. Measure Stage: 

· Define the new process inputs, actions and desired outputs. (Hint : Process flowchart can be used to visualize the process)

· Define measurement Systems Analysis tool, to illustrate use measurements scales such as Nominal , Ordinal , Interval , Ratio. In addition, explain the reason for use.

5. Analyze Stage: 

· Discuss no less than two conditions that might hinder the project progression (process variation) using one of tools mentioned in chapter (15 – Analyze Stage). 

· Describe the new value delivered to the customers upon the successful implementation of the project.

6. Improve / Design stage: 

· Present no more than two condition that can be altered to make the desired change ( cost , operation, human resource). 

· Discuss one to two techniques you plan to use to improve the efficiency of process such as lean tools, 5S …etc. 

7. Control Stage:

· Identify two methods that the team can use to evaluate performance after the project completion. 

· Document two to three learned lessons from the process ( This part could be connected to the overall project experience )