Psychohistory of kamala harris | psy 371 | Alabama State University

Complete a psychohistory of Kamala Devi Harris (KDH).  Use the GoogleDoc that I uploaded below. Here are the instructions:

1) Complete one Psychohistorical analysis of KDH for one stage. 

2) Each student is responsible for being the primary respondent for one (1) stage AND the secondary respondent for one (1) stage. A primary respondent for a stage is the person who completes the psychohistorical analysis for that stage. A secondary respondent for a stage is the person who ‘comes behind’ the primary and ad-libs, corrects and comments on that primary respondent’s analysis. This person is the one who is in charge of ‘quality control’ for that stage.

3) PRIMARY RESPONDENTS: For each stage be sure to provide the following information:

a) Briefly describe 1 or 2 key events or experiences in the life KDH lived during the time frame covered in this stage. Be specific and provide citation and reference info. (e.g., born to an ‘upper middle class’ family; attended school abroad; afforded many luxuries; achieved some very public successes and failures during her career in law; etc.)

b) According to the epigenetic principle, state whether she developed the adaptive or maladaptive trait covered in this stage. Provide support for your answer.

c) Describe the extent to which you feel she developed the related ‘strength’ of that stage.