Provide a brief explanation of what you read and include the URL in which the article is located.

All Assignments must be typed using Microsoft Word in MLA format. Must be at least two pages long and no more than three pages long. Be sure to check for sentence structure and misspelled words before turning in. If you list information, use bullets or numbers to separate each one.

This class is technical customer service communications. for help desk and network ( how to speak with end-user)

After reading Chapters 5 and 6 you might understand why Chapter 6 talks about job stress. It can certainly happen in any job but tends to find itself in the IT field a lot. Many companies that I have worked for or have visited have some sort of stress release mechanism for their employees.

Your assignment for this chapter is to:

  1. List (using bullets) the 9 job stress factors mentioned Chapter 6. Use one page all by itself to type this list. It will not be a full page and that is OK.
  2. Then, write at least a one-page paper to your answer to the questions below – You are a manager of a corporation and you notice that your employees just do not seem to be doing their work as effectively as they used to. They seem unhappy. Yet, no one is complaining. After a while, you realize that everyone has been under a lot of stress because of a big project they have been working on. What stress release mechanism would you provide your employees to help them deal with this stress? Less work is not an option.
  3. Find something on the internet in which any of the Fortune 500 companies use to help their employees release stress. Provide a brief explanation of what you read and include the URL in which the article is located. This would be a third page and again does not need to be a full page.