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Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Tutorials Paraphrasing. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. &nbsp.

No specific position because there is no relationship between the positioning of data in the bottom left corner of the k-space and the image.

Answer: No: 5

The k-space data needs to be acquired as echoes. When we apply gradient in any particular slice gradient, it dephases the transverse coherence quickly, eliminating any chance to receive data.

Answer: No: 6

The phase gradient is zero at this stage, and the center of the echo in the read direction directly corresponds to the center of k-space.

Answer: No: 7

A 180° pulse refocuses time-independent changes in transverse phase coherence. The difference in gradient dependent phase only occurs if the gradient is on. It does not depend on the total time for which the angle remains on or off. Reversing the rise and applying it to the sample refocus the phase coherence lost due to gradients.

Tutorial 3

Answer: No: 1

Fourier transformation determines the intensities and frequencies of the individual frequencies present in the acquired data. It is always expressed in terms of Fourier Sine transform and Fourier Cosine transform. Fourier transform analysis is also used to understand the evolvement of the quantum-mechanical system with time.

Answer: No: 2

Analog signals use electric currents and voltages for reproducing the data, whereas digital signals use binary data strings for the same purpose.

Answer: No: 3

Nyquist’s theorem states that the signal must be sampled equal to or greater than twice the signal’s frequency to define a sine curve’s frequency accurately. This theorem is used for the digitization of analog signals. Folding or aliasing results in detecting the sign outside the FOV that is being placed over the image. This change in detection occurs because the frequency of a signal calculated outside the defined FOV is always more significant than the sampling rate. Hence, this signal is placed over the movement of a lower frequency.


Figure 6.7 was acquired with a mid-range TE (100 ms), which gives a high signal for areas that have long T2 values. For example, CSF fluid and low motion for regions with short T2 values, such as grey matter. This is a typical T2 weighted image and gives good contrast.Figure 6.8 was acquired with a long TE (500 ms). In this figure, the signal is only obtained from areas with long T2 values, such as the CSF fluid. The signals from all other regions with shorter T2 values were reduced to zero.

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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Analysis of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

Reading through this book, one will find the high level of the clash of ideas which is imminent. A cultural conflict exists between modern healthcare and religious beliefs or practices. The text is an example of the level of war which exists between western medicine or healthcare professionals and religious beliefs or practices. The religion of the Hmong people has it that a disease like the one suffered by Lia Lee is spiritual in nature (Fadiman, 2012). They also believe that epilepsy is brought about by a vengeful and an evil spirit named dab which catches the soul of a person making the person fulfill and people suffering from epilepsy become shamans or txiv needs. Epilepsy is referred to as qaug dab peg which means that a spirit which catches a person and they fall. A conflict exists between the scientific factors behind the cause of epilepsy by the healthcare professionals and the perceived spiritual factors by the Hmong people. They also believe in animal sacrifices as the cure for such diseases something which contradicts the beliefs of western medicine. To the healthcare professionals, epilepsy is a difficult condition to medicate and trial and error methods is advisable but with different types of anti-seizure medications (Fadiman, 2012). This conflict quite challenges healthcare professionals as they become unable to reach these people regardless of their severe medical conditions. In most cases, culture becomes a challenge to healthcare professionals as it is a door to the treatment of all diseases.

The text also brings about the kind of language barrier which exists between medical practitioners and the people.