Provide a 5 pages analysis on Theatre Critique: Its Only a Play.

Provide a 5 pages analysis on Theatre Critique: Its Only a Play.

The play was a cascade of jokes and made the audience happy from the beginning to the end, which is a sign of victory.

2.The performer “Kate Herrell who acted as Virginia” seems to not have delivered her lines completely at times so did not come up to the mark. The performance of “Craig as Ira” was well defined and the gestures were perfect indeed. He came up to the mark and left a remarkable impression on the audience. “Emma” was a star that performed utterly well and carried the play with ample spirit. She showed her full potential to the audience and was the shooting star of the play. Christopher who enacted “Peter” was looked slightly uncomfortable in his character and required more attentiveness and dedication from his side to make his character look wholesome and rich. Nick Dickert was distinct in his acting and did full justice to his character as “James” but his voice was trembling at certain points.

3. The performers who were disliked were Kate Herrell, Christopher Lynch, and Ryan Flint. Kate Was not as impressive as she was not consistent with her dialogues. There was less of life in her voice and could not enter well into the character of “Virginia” in which she was portrayed. Whereas Christopher Lynch was not feeling fully the character of “ Peter” and somehow looked less lively and vibrant. It is very essential for an actor to get into the shoes of the character to bring about full life into the play. On the other side, Ryan Flint had a less powerful voice which made his character of “Frank” dull. Dialogues are an essential part of a play, so if it is not balanced with the acting skill can bring chaos and incompleteness to the character as well as the play.

4. The play all in all was an average performance and did not fail to amaze the audience. But it was unfortunate to notice some actors not supporting others and making it at time’s poor performance. In some areas, Christopher Lynch” was not interacting well with “Kate Herrell” and was in a hurry to completer his part of the dialogue. And also Kate seems to rush through some parts showing that she had forgotten certain lines. Noah Mittman, at other times, is displaying to be very overpowering, thus making all actors less confident and assertive. It is not good for one actor to stand out in a play because a good play is where all characters blend with each other to produce a smooth and sound theatrical show.&nbsp.

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Impact of Democracy on Economic Development This paper is an analysis of the mutual relationship between politics and economic development. It analyses the regime dynamics to show that when the paths to democracy vary due to any reasons democracy still survives in the developed countries. The questions that arise from my research are: do political regimes affect the economic development? And does economic development affect the emergence and survival of political regimes?

The two research questions are connected as to be able to determine how political regimes affect economic development, one must ask about the emergence and endurance to the political regimes. A case example is Mali. In the year 1985, per capita income of Mali was $532, dictatorship increased at a rate of 5.35%. Hence the question arises, could economic development have been different if there was democracy in Mali? A comparison of France indicates that in 1985, France which is a democracy had per capita income of $12206 and it grew at a rate of 1.43% (Ndulo 2006).

These statistics indicate that most poor countries have a slower economic development than the rich countries due to democracy. In 1985, Mali was not a democracy as it was full of dictatorship thus slow economic development while France which is a democracy experienced a fast economic growth. This assumption is however not very true as democratic nations are still prone to poor economic growth as there some are underlying factors that affect both economic development and democracy.

We can therefore conclude that democracies are common in economically developed countries as compared to poor countries that have a poor economic growth. The explanation behind this is not because democracies are likely to appear due to economic development, but because of their likelihood of survival should any eventuality occur. Democracy varies with different countries but when the correct democracy is applied there is a higher chance of economic survival.


Ndulo, Muna. (2006). Democratic reform in Africa: The impact on governance & poverty alleviation. New York, NY: Ohio University Press.