Prolog questions | Computer Science homework help

Please do the following exercises in The Art of Prolog, Second Edition and submit a ZIP file consisting of your submission files.  There should be a separate file ending in .prolog or .pl for each section.  (Keep in mind that the .pl file extension unfortunately conflicts with Perl, a language that is far more popular than Prolog; this is important when dealing with syntax highlighters and other text editor and IDE features.)  Please make sure that your solutions run in SWI-Prolog in order to receive full credit.

Section 8.2 (p. 153-154): i, ii

Section 9.2 (p. 173): i

Section 10.1 (p. 179): i, ii

Section 11.1 (p. 195): i, ii, iii

Section 11.3 (p. 202): i, ii

link to the book:  Go to and click “Open Access” and click “Download PDF”