prepare and submit a paper on the devil in the womans shape by karlsen.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the devil in the womans shape by karlsen. They had to suffer from the consequences related to the punishment that did come from the society. The repercussions were valid after one was found engaged or practicing this uncouth behavior in the society. The author tries to give a new modern view of New England witchcraft. She gives the audience a reason to think about witchcraft and the reason women are being considered as the devils in the woman’s shape. She further justifies this from the Bible with reference to the case of Eve and the serpent that in this case is the considered devil. Evil, in this case, is seen as the center stage for the cause of evil in the Garden of Eden. It is from this view that men of today are clearly seen as becoming less responsible in the society since women are slowly by slowly taking the roles and duties. In the end, men throw the blame game of their irresponsibility to their wives too.

This book tries to figure out the New England witchcraft from the time of the 17th Century to early 18th Century. It tries to show how these acts are interconnected with the womanhood. Carl Karsen’s tries to examine the New England witchcraft as a whole and argue on it based on its influence on colonial women.

Karlsen by trying to bring out the witchcraft in the new history of England also tries to argue on the need to understand the role of women in the colonial society. He further argues that the past historians do not recognize the misogyny of the witchcraft effects in New England. She gains full knowledge and understanding of these witchcraft cases through the study of women in the colonial society of New England. Karlsen’s remarks. ‘’only by understanding that history of witchcraft is a primary history of women, we confront the deeply embodied feelings about women’’

Karlsen supports her thesis by use of both primary and secondary sources.&nbsp.