prepare and submit a paper on regional trade blocs-small companies.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on regional trade blocs-small companies.

The small companies are initially confined to the designated region under their vicinity. The smaller companies as per their categorization mean that they operate with confined resources with respect to their financial resources.

The governmental organization needs to provide the following initiatives to enable the small companies to actively participate in the regional trading blocs:

Create logistic support for the small companies or enable them to use the economical logistic resources with funding their activities through the public-owned means of transport. Liberalization of aviation policies for transport among the regional trading block countries.The governments should form forums and communities for developing the multinational business etiquettes and cultural knowledge to enable the small companies’ leadership team to be more constructive in enhancing the business terms.The governments should create marketing zones for the indigenous products at the regional trading blocs.Framing the regional trading blocs business policies to promote business opportunities among the member countries.Liberalization of trade policies in the respective countries to promote healthy competition among the member nations.The management teams of small companies should be encouraged to accumulate knowledge on cross-cultural trade and exporting the products or services to a region where there is a good demand.Governments should provide consulting advisory boards on the industries, functions specific to enhance the knowledge about the opportunities for the small companies with respect to business volumes, clientele, and consumer base.